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Things I'm Thinking About

Its Friday morning: my day off.
Its also a day off after quite a strange week. I have spent quite a bit of time in reflective study: looking at what I have done over the last 22 months. And so coming to this morning doesn't quite have that sense of downtime that it often does. However, being more rested and finally coming up from under the ear infection means I have lots swimming round my head.

Heres just a sample:

Leadership styles- my continuing wrestling with the pressure to be nice to people, when actually I want them to encounter Jesus.

Boundaries- linked to styles but a real ongoing thought challenge.

Tools of discipleship...

Possible Masters dissertation subjects

Whether Amazon debit Prime trial from your account just in case or whether I have Olympic tickets on their way.

What time it is acceptable to call one's parents..

When I will be well enough to exercise..

What the other book I ordered from Amazon was..

Whether the arrival of the package woke my housemate up..


Ambling Rambling.. Entering Mystery

Again a disclaimer: not sure I am thinking straight.

The media has really taken hold of the predictions of one that today is judgement day. There are little articles all over and twitter has three trending topics related. Most of my Christian cyber (and real) friends are cynical. But perhaps in mentioning it we are giving away our sort of 'just in case' theories.

There is a whole heap of ridicule heading towards the guy who is prime mover in all this. A sort of sense of 'he's not one of us'.

But he is. He is our brother in Christ. And he is perhaps just an extreme example of what we all do from time to time. Can any of us say that we haven't wanted to control or predict God. That we haven't theorised about when the end might come? That we haven't given to organisations who promise to take the gospel to all nations so Jesus might then return?

It seems to me that in days of struggle; when life makes less and less sense, when things are not getting be…


‎"Guys who went to Bible college/seminary & graduate to a sheltered nerd lifestyle where they read books & argue with other nerds about what Christian leaders are doing but not reaching people or doing much other than babysitting consumer Christians in some declining cul de sac church are not merely a joke, but also sinful." Mark Driscoll

So I have done something I never thought I would do. I have given blog space to MD: someone with whom I agree very little. I don't know the context of what he said, but its a challenging thought.

I have had a difficult week. I have labyrinthitis; an inner ear viral infection that leaves you with vertigo and an IQ drop of what feels like 50 points. I am mid backlash from making some tough leadership choices. The young people in the estate (no lets be honest, maybe four young people) have waged war on the building in which my church resides. I am struggling to encourage my church to be mission minded when actually thats the sc…


BBC Breakfast are running a story this morning about handshakes. Apparently Ed Miliband has a terrible one (the household thinks its all about the angles). The debate has ensued about what a handshake says about a person, and also whether women should have their hands shaken at all (they should apparently have their hand held or be kissed)..

I invite comments..

But, and you need to know I'm pulling a face, how else do you greet people?

In my job there are a whole host of socially awkward situations. People don't quite know how to greet a vicar. They may never have met one before, and they rarely meet new people in this kind of setting. Remember in this that I am working in an inner city unchurched setting.

In this setting the handshake works. Without wanting to sound bad its wholly inappropriate for me to be kissed by the endless lines of people leaving funerals. Its also a bit gross.

Discuss (and you are allowed to say that this is the actual heart of the matter reason wh…

Hopeless Romanticism?

Its day after we said no to AV. I'm not here to gloat. As some of you will know in the last days of the campaign I was wavering, I was perhaps listening to the voices which said this is the only choice you will ever have.

Honest moment: I spoiled my ballot. I hope an honest statement about how I felt about the choice offered.

I still believe AV is not what we need. If we decide we want a more democratically elected government then there are better systems. I still don't think that we as a nation are sure that we really want democratic representation in its truest sense. (I know we don't want real democracy).

However, this morning the pro AV people are very disheartened. They seems to think its all over. People are telling me that this was our only chance for a generation. Well maybe I watch too much West Wing, but I don't believe that. I believe that things can be changed and that when you suffer a defeat you reflect; you work out if this is the fight you still w…

Democracy.. you decide.

The early signs in this round of elections are pretty clear: The Lib Dems have taken a pounding in England. Its not surprising- students will be voting in numbers and the North would only ever head left again. The results seem to be showing that Conservative Voters are quite happy with the cuts and so are sticking with.

In the big picture polarisation happens from time to time in UK politics. Usually at times of economic hardship. I think the middle will struggle for a few years yet. Which leads me to point 1.

The Labour Party need to start telling me what they are for. Now is the time to start carving out a clear sense of what we are for.. there are a few years to communicate a clear vision. Its all too anonymous right now.

That may explain the success of the SNP. Clear sense of what they will deliver (everything for no pence). I don't follow Scottish politics, but the little I have seen has suggested that the SNP are offering things that you would want to vote for. Simple…

Early thoughts on the demise of Bin Laden.

Its 7.20am on Monday morning. I would like to think that I am more awake than the PM appeared to be a few minutes ago. These are my early thoughts: none original I'm sure.

1- this is more a symbolic act than a blow to AQ's operational capacity.
2- a 911 survivor says this bit best: "I just can’t find it in me to be glad one more person is dead, even if it is Osama bin Laden." She has the right to say what I hope many more people will feel.
3- the politicians are doing well in their reaction thus far (apart from the inflammatory tweets of an inconsequential Tory MP, Louise Bagshaw wind your neck in before you start calling Pakistan to account.. way above your pay grade)
4- lets hope the frat party antics outside the White House calm down. They are ill advised. There's something profoundly immature about celebrating like that after so many civilian deaths in pursuit of this one. They will be counterproductive.. but for now I think we can put it down to the US not…