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One Month In... where are we?

The new coalition Government has been in post for about a month- and the early signs (in my biased opinion) are not good.

We have- anonymity for rape defendants, English tests for migrants (both of which may be construed as anti-women).

It looks like university fees will go up, whilst apprenticeship schemes have already been cut. Thats not good for young people looking to get into meaningful work.

Free school meal pilots are being cut in Bradford and other cities; cost- £80-£125million, whilst the £130 million dragged back in non-dom taxes is deemed "insignificant" (I think thats over 6 months?). I guess we can expect that loop hole to reappear.

Apparently I might also be incentivised to recycle- or I might be had a Tory Council bothered to think about recycling solutions in a poor community (where we just have bin bags.. ).

But- its OK- because a memo has gone out urging the provinces to allow said poor people to fly their flags during the World Cup. Its lucky that the World …