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I have some kind of lurgy!

End of half term!

Well its the end of the week and I'm venue spotting in Casualty (looking out for places in Bristol). Am feeling quite chilled: have mainly pottered today. I spent a great couple of hours in a cafe by the docks. I just took my journal mainly and processed out some thoughts with God.
A few thoughts kept springing to mind; lots to think through. Sorry thats cryptic: just need to process more I think.

Came back and started nesting in our study. Am home alone so thought I would start turning our study into a prayer room/ den. Its a cool room, just needed a bit of tweaking. A couple of sheets and a few cushions and we'll be good to go! So off to Ikea tomorrow I think..

Might even have discovered a sofa on freecycle..

More soon..

"I'm a Geeeeek, I'm a weirdo..."

Hello from Interpretation of The Bible 1 (we have two.. no idea why). I'm here. Many are not (could this be that a new series of Spooks has led them astray?). We're learning about exegesis..

Am having a geeky day: even rejoiced in not being bottom in Hebrew today.

That said am very much looking forward to half term: I'm really tired, pay off from the weekend I reckon!


Oh my word! What a weekend! Two great weddings: very different to each other.. both in the same place.. Loved it

This was Ruth and Ash! Yay for Mr and Mrs B!

This was the dance outside the church as Lorraine sat in the car at the most joyous wedding ever! Much much singing.. will post a vid in a bit

Wedding weekend!

Just a quick one. in three hours I'm heading off to Luton: first trip back. Its wedding weekend so Ruth and Ash's tomorrow and Ed and Lorraine's on Sunday. Am very excited. And a little nervous. Two preaches- really don't want to sound like I've been at theological college for six weeks (am catching myself talking about the original Greek, which is novel considering I'm learning Hebrew!). Will be very nice to see people (after church Sunday night: can I lead a small unarmed rebellion to a local hostelry?). Or maybe Monday breakfast for you non office based types?

Do pray: For good communication skills both up front and in catching up with people. Am also feeling a tad glandy- pray the voice holds out (oh and hat I look fabulous in shiny new boots!!)


(May post wedding pics here: but given my track record with photos... hmmm)

Wing Detail request..

K, Wing geeks.. I need the episode where Toby and Josh are maybe stranded? and they come up with the idea of the college grant stuff? I wanna say series 6? or maybe 3?

Anyone: I think it will make a great start to an essay on the exile!

Docks is the new borders...

This is where I spent an hour or so yesterday morning putting together some talks. Its just by Bristol's Floating harbour. It takes over from various Borders stores that have provided shelter and inspiration. Its very cool: you get free croissant with your coffee, they are very friendly and its nice and quiet.. Might not work if Bristol becomes as rainy as they say it is.

But until then..

Gordon and the non...

I thought I would write about this rather than penning an emotional tribute to our rugby boys, the brave warriors of France and other things that might send my Kiwi housemate over the edge.

So Gordon has said no..

Which on one level seems a little bit wimpy.

But is also incredibly sensible if you aen't sure you can win and you still have two years to play with.

Which is encouraging in a prime minister.

And shows that maybe he's telling the truth when he says its not about spin.

It may also be very very canny. Because its flushed out the trump cards in the Tory manifesto. Their playing with the only godly tax in the country and whatever else they announced now have a good few months to be shown up as the crass and possible incalculable sums they really are.

By which time Gordon will have come up with an out of Iraq plan, stabilised worries post Northern Rock (if the US pulls its finger out!), and will have shown us what a good geezer he is in a full session of Parliament.

That combi…

berashyt bara elohym et...

This my friends is my most accomplished piece of work thus far!

Yes its the beginning of the Bible: In Hebrew (well my biro attempts at Hebrew anyway). And it far rank above my concise little essay on Jewish groups in my ranks of achievement! Well done me!

Woo haaa..

What if....

Its amazing what can happen in a fairly noddy lecture! Your mind wanders and you find yourself checking out the news and all that.. and you begin to think about whats going on in the world and you read a little more and you think...

I wonder if Gordon Brown will be cheeky as cheeky and call an election this week? Tomorrow in fact. In the afternoon. I'm not sure he can (he may have to wait for Parliament to be back in session) but if he could it would be genius. Dave (lets not be too formal about this) will be up there giving it his all, and a murmur will erupt throughout the hall. Phones will begin to vibrate and journalists will leave the auditorium. Why: well because the jag has just come back from Buckingham Palace and Gordon has swept back inside number ten with a wry smile.

By 4pm the press are mustered outside the shiny black door and Dave is left talking to a group of half panicked local party chair people (ooh lets face it, men). Perhaps a helpful aide will step…