Saturday, October 06, 2007

Gordon and the non...

I thought I would write about this rather than penning an emotional tribute to our rugby boys, the brave warriors of France and other things that might send my Kiwi housemate over the edge.

So Gordon has said no..

Which on one level seems a little bit wimpy.

But is also incredibly sensible if you aen't sure you can win and you still have two years to play with.

Which is encouraging in a prime minister.

And shows that maybe he's telling the truth when he says its not about spin.

It may also be very very canny. Because its flushed out the trump cards in the Tory manifesto. Their playing with the only godly tax in the country and whatever else they announced now have a good few months to be shown up as the crass and possible incalculable sums they really are.

By which time Gordon will have come up with an out of Iraq plan, stabilised worries post Northern Rock (if the US pulls its finger out!), and will have shown us what a good geezer he is in a full session of Parliament.

That combined with 12-10, and a French win (yes we'll all feel ashamed in the morning but we were all rooting for France!)makes for a very happy Saturday!

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