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Great weekend...

Last week was a toughy in many ways: but at the end was just a very beautiful weekend.
First there was the sleep; woke up at midday on Saturday- finally feeling a little more rested.
Then there was the trip to Turvey Abbey (strictly speaking The Monastery of Christ Our Saviour). It was so laid back and mixed up with just the right blend of silence and conversation. Read the Guardian, chatted with Br. Tom for an hour or so, reflected and prayed for a couple of hours, Tim came and we did some camp planning, bit more reflection.
Sunday was another very chilled morning of prayer and Bible stuff.
Drove back to Luton then got on a train and had a wonderful afternoon of chat and big questions, latte and white band buying with Lucy: all whilst getting slightly lostish.. Made it back for evening worship at St Mary's and then hung out at Ed's (causing mayhem during the Count of Monte Cristo!).

All in all a very God given, very beautiful time.. feeling very much more at peace.

Culchar and Cambridge

Kate and I hit the old stomping ground last night. It was May Week in Cambridge, and it was very lovely to be back. Let me outline some highlights..
- the beautiful weather, even warm through a second highlight
- student theatre in the gardens, in Queens cloister court to be precise... Much Ado, put on by BATS.
- sitting by the river watching the world meander by
- hearing the screams of the uninitiatied falling off punts
- it was Magdelene May Ball night: lots of white tie and evening dresses. Can we make a law to make all gentlemen wear white tie. Its very pretty!

All in all a very pleasant respite in a funny week. Very glad I don't live there any more but very nice to visit and remember that life can be that simple and joyous..

Good book...

This will get a full review in the 100 books thing but I just need to go on record and say how much I am enjoying Jean Vanier's Community and Growth.. every page pretty much has a gem on it. He's so honest about community it really draws you in.. but also doesn't sayu that its the right way for everyone. This morning's favourite bit:

"Some people find it hard to live with others. They need a lot of time to themselves, a great sense of freedon and above all, no tensions. They simple must not feel under pressure; if they do they will become depressed or aggressive. These people are often very sensitive and delicate; they almost have too great a richness of heart. They could not cope with the difficulties of community life. They are rather called to live alone or with a few privileged friends. They must not be made to think that because community life is not for them they have no place, gift or vocation. Their gift is different. They are called to be witnes…

Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own.....

This is sort of a post about U2... what an amazing gig! Wow... I think Freeman has summed up all I want to say in his blog (link on the side!)... about a reawakening of my passion for justice.. about what does it look like when 70,000 people worship. Oh my.. just amazing...

This is also a post saying that I have some amazing friends! Thank you all! You're great!!


Yeah.. nothing to get too excited about.. I am still latteying my way towards an early obese grave!... its my film certificate rating...

My life has been rated:See what your rating is!Created by bart666

Gratuitously stolen off Rach but quite good fun!


It just occurred to me that I haven't posted for a while. I'm still here... we're half way through our week of 24-7 prayer before the launch of the City of London Boiler Room. Its going good. We've had a lot of people passing through which has been great- people being really encouraging too. Is all great.

Will post more after the end of this week...

Ooohh but just to say U2.. Sunday... YAY!!!!