Monday, June 27, 2005

Great weekend...

Last week was a toughy in many ways: but at the end was just a very beautiful weekend.
First there was the sleep; woke up at midday on Saturday- finally feeling a little more rested.
Then there was the trip to Turvey Abbey (strictly speaking The Monastery of Christ Our Saviour). It was so laid back and mixed up with just the right blend of silence and conversation. Read the Guardian, chatted with Br. Tom for an hour or so, reflected and prayed for a couple of hours, Tim came and we did some camp planning, bit more reflection.
Sunday was another very chilled morning of prayer and Bible stuff.
Drove back to Luton then got on a train and had a wonderful afternoon of chat and big questions, latte and white band buying with Lucy: all whilst getting slightly lostish.. Made it back for evening worship at St Mary's and then hung out at Ed's (causing mayhem during the Count of Monte Cristo!).

All in all a very God given, very beautiful time.. feeling very much more at peace.

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Linda-Joy said...

was in france on the weekend - and I was in Rouen's not very mega Virgin megastore and there I saw the West Wing on DVD - I thought of you. In french it's called 'Le Maison Blanc'