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tee hee

Sorry couldn't resist

Why I LOVE youthwork!

SO i'm a little tired. Meals without lots of clatter and bustle seem strange. Yes.. I'm at the ened of a week of work with 11-14 year olds, known as Ignite! And oh my- I had a ball. I honestly don't think I've been as alive for about two years! I love working with young people. They are savvy and honest, and up for it, and bold, and a bit silly, and, and, and.

I love working in a team- and we had a great one!

I love communicating- so two preaches and a seminar in six days was ace! (and told the whole Bible story in 14 minutes 22 seconds with props, and actions!)

I love reflecting God in creative ways.. which is why once again we spent two days setting up a thirty minute fun event for the teenagers! This time it was SNOW!!!! Oh my.. such such fun!!

Lady In the Water

So this was a bit of a risk. I've been dead jumpy in the last couple of days, so watching an M.Night Shyamalan film may not have been the wisest move! I need to say that it was Rubbish (with a capital R).. so so slow..

But in that annoying way that he does Shyamalan does just enough to make a movie that you can preach on. This one is about leadership.. I'll say no more..

I;m just off to Ignite (11-14's camp thing someone in teh mmiddle of England).. back next Fri!

Bless y'all



Just a quick one.. My address is out of action probably till September. So if you wanna email then it needs to be via the 24-7prayer address. Howevere a new (and most likely googlemail) address is on its way!

Holiday.. (ooh yeah..)

Hi.. Big break between posts there.. I was on HOLIDAY! Yay!

A whole bunch of us (about 14 on average) were in Dorset.

We had lots of fun, beaches (a little sunburn to be honest!), camping, pubs, walks, and playing with tea pots.. prizes for guessing the three amigos in this one.


Its a mere seven days since the end of Tv's greatest show. So it is inevitable that this week has been spent in search of a suitable replacement.. And I can't find one. But I have found trawlermen! Each night at 7 I have been found sat urging success on 6 men in a small boat in the North Sea. Its all very odd (am a bit scared of the sea, think fish are ugly etc).. but I love it. AM even going to drive through teh rush hour to try and see the last one tonight!