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DM stay or go?

The news shows just love a family story- and so the entire tone of the leadership race for the Labour Party has been read through the lens of the Brothers Miliband as if it were some Willy Russell play (with bad electric drums)..

The problem with this approach is that it misses the point.

My take, ill informed I suspect.. is that Ed Miliband is a good choice. We don't need a celebrity just now. This is the beginning of a new government which is instigating such radical measures that by the next election we will all be voting on a whole new scale of decisions. For that you don't need a known face.. Ed Miliband has a couple of years to get his face around.

As for whether DM stays or goes.. well there is a case to say if he throws his toys from the pram at not winning then he was going to be an awful party leader. There is also a case to say that there is some honour in getting out of Ed's way and stopping this all being about two brothers..