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39 Steps

Yesterday I turned 39. Yes, in a years time I will be forty. And there are some things that I would like to get in place before I hit that particular landmark.

And so in the year up to my fortieth birthday I will be taking 39 steps towards the second half of life. Some are big, others less so, but my hope is that they will all join in some kind of celebration at the end.

So here they are
1- to create a piece of art that will be displayed in my home
2- to write a letter each month, to a person who has inspired me.
3- to learn to play a few tunes on piano
4- to teach at a university
5- to read a book by authors a-z through the year (so 26 books over the course of the year)
6- to finish my masters degree.
7- to learn to cook a really good curry
8- to travel the Leeds- Liverpool canal (manner to be determined)
9- to go on at least one date
10- to take a social media free day each week.
11- to see a live sporting event in Leeds
12- to buy and wear with confidence something that scares me.