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An unhappy dilemma

It was bound to happen. Signing up for the Church of England will inevitably mean having to make sacrifices. But is this really one I have to make. As I met with the DDO he suggested that I go to see the next diocesan synod meeting. I dutifully rang up to reserve a visitor pass and found out that its very soon.. June 10th in fact. Yes, sports fans, that will be the very date of England's first match in the world cup! Is it a test, I ask myself. Are they wanting to see how dedicated I really am to the idea of vicaring. Have they not realised that there will be a sports wall planner next to my church diary?

What would Jesus do?

What will I do?

What do you think?

Tell Me What You Are For!

Anyone who has been a Luton teenager in the last twelve years will recognise the phrase, "what's that? What's it for?". Curtis' 'little green man' story, has a refrain that belies a childlike curiosity that I wish we had more of.

I'm a bit grumpy this morning- my teaching appears to have been cancelled. I'm tired (having gotten up and looked smart for 7.15). I made the mistake of reading email early in the morning and getting offended.

But in spite, or maybe because of that, I have this thought just drifting round my head. "What are you for?"

I get to hear a lot of opinions. I know I have a lot of opinions. But if I count them up, so so many of then are about what we are against. A horrible number in my circles are against "church". Some have better reasons than others. Some have no reason at all. Some of us are against corporations, against big government, against prophecy, against unprophecy. The thought culminated …

Well done Watford

So Watford earned promotion yesterday. To the Premiership. I would, as a Luton supporter, like to say congratulations to them. Well done. I extend the hand of grace and peace to you lovely yellow supporters.

This post has NOTHING to do with the fact my blog is now open to scrutiny from the very nice people in the Bishop's Advisory office. Nothing at all.

Our God is..

..God of the game, not God of the score.

Anyone picking up a British newspaper this morning would be forgiven for thinking that the weekend saw two predictable Cup Final results, Liverpool beating West Ham and Hearts taking down the minnows of Gretna. The results, and consequently what history may show is the result.

But the result doesn't pay tribute to the match: the intricacies that saw both games go to penalties. The agonies of cramp, the ecstacies of penalty saves.

It got me thinking. I'm so glad God is a God of the game, not of the results. When God watch the Hammers lose, he didn't just see the red ribbons on the cup. He saw that Nigel Reo Coker ran tirelessly for 120 minutes, he saw Sisse's numerous boot changes(!), he saw Gerrard's willful denial of cramp to equalise, he saw Marlon Harewood's desperate and failed pounce in extra time.

For God is the God of the game. He sees the whole of life, not just the defining moments, not just the result. He w…

Jesus Walks

The lovely BBC has caught onto one of (may I rudely suggest) better ideas from the Christian Resources Exhibition, and has chucked out an article about "what would Jesus drive?" You can read it here.

But I have to say: He would so walk, how else do you get to chat with people (acoustics in minibuses are rubbish for chatting).. please note HE walks, not jogging, you weird exercisey people!

On The Run...

erm.. I know that I'm a bit of a lazy oaf right now but are all my friends ganging up on me?

First on MSN- Friday I think.. Rach " I just went for a run.."

Then Sunday- Luce "I went for a run yesterday"

Then I just check Michael's blog and yes: HE'S BEEN FOR RUN!!!

I KNOW FOLKS!! I KNOW I NEED TO EXERCISE!! THERE IS NO NEED TO RUB IT IN!! (I know my response should be to go and do a half marathon but given that wlaking up stairs makes my heart feel like its being crushed I may leave it.. ) bloomin gloaters..

And so the day ends..

.. A productive one at that.. I found out that sheep can only see about 15yards.. I discovered that "Walk the Line" comes out on DVD at the end of the month. And I sent about 200 emails!

BUT.. I got way laid.. looking at who links to my blog.. and then finding (thanks Heidi P) another "which character are you?" online quiz..

And I am ..

Yep.. Lisa Simpson..

So while I go off and play sax why not work out who you are HERE

September 11th, 2006

I know that September 11th is famous for proper world changing events like bombings and stuff, but this year it may well be remembered as a happy occurrence. Why, well its the release date for Series Seven on DVD! Which means it won't be long until we get all seven series in a shiny box set!!! Which I can then watch lots!!


here I am

Sorry, just occurred to me that I haven't blogged this week.. apologies.. Will write something witty and erudite tomorrow.. possibly about the big elephant thing in London!