Monday, May 15, 2006

Our God is..

..God of the game, not God of the score.

Anyone picking up a British newspaper this morning would be forgiven for thinking that the weekend saw two predictable Cup Final results, Liverpool beating West Ham and Hearts taking down the minnows of Gretna. The results, and consequently what history may show is the result.

But the result doesn't pay tribute to the match: the intricacies that saw both games go to penalties. The agonies of cramp, the ecstacies of penalty saves.

It got me thinking. I'm so glad God is a God of the game, not of the results. When God watch the Hammers lose, he didn't just see the red ribbons on the cup. He saw that Nigel Reo Coker ran tirelessly for 120 minutes, he saw Sisse's numerous boot changes(!), he saw Gerrard's willful denial of cramp to equalise, he saw Marlon Harewood's desperate and failed pounce in extra time.

For God is the God of the game. He sees the whole of life, not just the defining moments, not just the result. He watches and knows and sees, and thats beautiful. When God watches my game, he doesn't just focus on the late tackle, the silly foul, the mistimed backpass. He doesn't just see the overhead kicks, the crucial defensive move, the goals. He sees it all.. and cheers on. None of your fickle 606 listener in my God. He is a true fan- he remembers each moment. He cherishes each move.

Our God is a God of the game.


Michael said...

Very true.

But He cares about the score too, I think. In fact, hasn't He already decided what it's going to be?

Liz said...

I liked this, Jude - thank you.

Reflected and redirected my thoughts on the game.

Nice :o)

Brian Heasley said...

I think that God is from Liverpool and that the reality is, he only likes winners. Steven Gerrard is possibly one of the most spiritually gifted men I have had the privelge of seeing perform, in fact much better than Benny Hinn.