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Road Trip Part 2

I did it! I buyed panniers! And I saw Lorraine in her very cool house in Reading! Much fun! Got back to Bristol and watched some rugby/film/ER.. and that was the end of half term! Church on Sunday: interesting (you'll have to ask!)

I think the mania of the week might have taken its toll: am a tad poorly! All prayers welcome!

Road trip part 1

Yes, its half term, and so after about a day and a half of being chez le palais de peche I was ready for a little sojourn around the country.. So on Wednesday I headed East.

First stop coffee in Hammersmith with Sarah (well actually first stop was Membury services for a wee but you don't need to know that!).
Then it was down to the City Boiler Room for a bit of a chat with some lovely 24-7ers from around the globe. I'm kind of excited!
Left there and went to the new house of Warwick. "Helped" unpack a bit more and stayed in the lovely spare room.. did take about 40 minutes to go the three miles to get there as the Emirates had just kicked out!
Thursday: having arranged at 11pm to see Steve I made my way to Belsize Park for coffee, drunk outside in the increasing cold, observed by cheeky pigeons! Left there and drove past David Walliams towards Luce's... Spent the afternoon watching Spooks under a duvet (think I started getting a little bit poorly at this point…

The trouble with getting older..

.. is that you don't hurt the day after exercise. When I was a child I exercised like a child and he day after I ached like a child. Now I am a mid thirty something I exercise like a mid thirty something and spring out of bed the next morning feeling very spry. However, by twelve hours later I walk like an old lady, my lungs ache and if I cough I think I'll pop a rib. Who will rescue me from this body of near death?

24-7 Hits Bristol!

Just a quick one. On Monday 25th February the UK 24-7 team will be heading to Bristol to spend some time encouraging prayer here. In the afternoon there will be a bunch of conversations happening with people who care about prayer in the City. In the evening is a wider event aimed at praying, inspiring and encouraging! Its a 7.30 start at Elim@Bristol, which is in Jamaica Street, Stokes Croft.

If you can get there it will be a good chance to hear some stories of what God is doing when we pray!

Bless you..

Car Life...

.. As Brother Joe pointed out last post may need some follow up.. Sorry! Nice man from AA arrived at 0003 hours, and fixed teh problem in approximately 45 seconds! Parfait! I had a loose connector!

So I am now in Luton. Have been to London and hung out a little bit with the Community of St Jude, then have been out for coffee with Luce! Tomorrow is the shopping trip to buy shiny birthday goodies! Then Tim's birthday bash.. Woo haa!

I will post with birthday goodie news!