Saturday, February 16, 2008

The trouble with getting older..

.. is that you don't hurt the day after exercise. When I was a child I exercised like a child and he day after I ached like a child. Now I am a mid thirty something I exercise like a mid thirty something and spring out of bed the next morning feeling very spry. However, by twelve hours later I walk like an old lady, my lungs ache and if I cough I think I'll pop a rib. Who will rescue me from this body of near death?

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Sarah Hodkinson said...

I have the solution....
I used to have the same problem after adult ballet class each week (with the 12 hour - you think you're safe but you're not - delay). Now I do the Darcy Bussel pilates DVD the day before. Gentle tipping of head from side to side and some minimal stretching. Now no pain post-ballet the next day - hooray!
Warning - the camera work on the DVD is TERRIBLE (bit wobbly) and she is more flexible than most :-/