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It Is Finished

Its taken two years, but then when has something worth doing ever been instant. A few minutes ago I shut a small black paperback and turned to the people around me saying: "its finished". 100 books (for 2005), is done!

I've read such a variety of stuff- a little more fiction than non. I have a stack of books that reaches to my head (maybe pictures to follow). I have laughed. I have cried. I have lamented that I can't write as well as some. I have lamented that I can write better than others. I have enjoyed, I have cherished, I have rushed, I have dithered.

I've fallen more in love with this genre of communication. I want to write- because if I can even give half a moment of pleasure to a reader, then I have done something beautiful for God.

Now my new challenge. To live out of the challenges given by 100 books!

Bless you all

.. and the winner is!!


Normal readers you should appreciate that this post is manly for the Miss Juan in Oz! But seriously they were amazing- absolutely nailed the Latin... so so sharp.. scored 40 for it!!

Is very cool!!!

HP and the Deathly Hallows!

So the title is out: just ready for Christmas! Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. Could this indicate a break from the norm of the book lasting through a whole school year (Hallows being 1st Nov?). Deathly Hallows?? Hmm.. come on folks wheel on your theories!!! (especially you mister t ward!)

Happy Christmas

Last day!

I am officially mean! Well not really , but I did give all my year nine's tests on may last day (the penultimate day of term). I assessed them on World war one, which apprently started when the Archbishop of Canterbury was shot! New technology used in the war included custard gas and ruffles!

Satisfied that no knowledge has been imparted this whole term, I'm off to seek employment with Fox News, who will enjoy the twisted and weird historical view!

(Just one double left!! Watching a video I think!)

Happy days!

The Santa cometh!!!

Its nearly the end of term and oh my am I ready for it! I've just about gotten to the end of my energy! So tired..

But.. in our crib scene Jesus has jazz hands.. like seriously..

Growing up!

I'm one of the youngest of my cousins- and have probably always felt a little bit like I'm still a kid when I'm around them. On Friday we buried my Auntie Margaret- I officiated at the funeral. Suddenly I feel a lot more grown up, like I;m an adult among adults, and strangely it feels a bit weird!


Yep- for the first time this year I have tinternet hooked up during a lesson. So while year ten are plodding away at Versailles and its implications for Weimar Germany- I'm googling myself. I was chuffed to see that I am number one but also found that I teach juggling in South East Asia... (admittedly I have been teaching yoga somewhere for a while now but juggling is new!!).. I wonder if the other Jude Smiths ever do the same?

Ho Hum.. should get the kids packing up now so they can get ready to go home.

The Weirdest Dreams!

Werr.. I am having the trippiest dreams at the moment! I've gone from dreaming about the most mundane things (mainly school) to suddenly entering surreal dream world. Friday saw Alice in Wonderland (production.. all very explicable had been hanging out with a friend who's musicking it) but with a bizarre snakes on a plane twist.. they kept invading the stage. Eventually the show got cancelled because teh trampoline broke! (yes I know, utterly unconnected, weirdy beardy)

Then last night I dreant that one of my good friends had suddenly gotten into fishing and was looking after giant slug things to breed her own bait.. but she did have cool welly boots!!

So so strange!

tagged- but not in a bad way!

Rach passed this on.. so here goes

1. Yourself: Jude
2. Your girlfriend/boyfriend: elusive
3. Your hair?: wild at the mo.. think its the damp
4. Your mother?: lovely
5. Your Father?: the sweetest man
6. Your Favorite Item: errr..
7. Your dream last night: about teaching- think my kids had SATS?
8. Your Favorite drink: tea
9. Your Dream Car: one that doesn't lose power to all systems at 70mph on teh motorway like mine just did..
10. The Room You Are In: my office/ study.. which sounds better?
12. Your fear: that I just ate somethinng a bit dodgy that might make me spew
13. What you want to be in 10 years: vicar (well maybe archdeacon but that depends on my chosen route to Bishop!)
14. Who you hung out with last night?: Kate, Sarah, Michael, Jeff
15. What You're Not?: small
16. Muffins: double choc
17: One of Your Wish List Items: WW series 1-7
18: Time: twenty first century
19. The Last Thing You Did: put my trainers on
20. What You Are Wearing: see above (also other things)
21. Your Favorite We…