Saturday, December 23, 2006

.. and the winner is!!


Normal readers you should appreciate that this post is manly for the Miss Juan in Oz! But seriously they were amazing- absolutely nailed the Latin... so so sharp.. scored 40 for it!!

Is very cool!!!


Alina said...

wooo! go mark and karen! haha, i was wildly excited by the final yesterday and i've been supporting mark since week three so i was pretty impressed by the result - but it was an amazing show becuase they were both so good. more determined than ever to find myself a dance class now

have an excellent Christmas Jude :D xxx

wagass said...


Kate John said...

you should know that when this news hit, in a little house in a suburb of Perth, deep in Western-middle-of-nowhere-Australia, three grown women shrieked, clapped and jumped up and down.