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You can't always have what you want.

One of my earlier childhood memories is hiding down a ditch watching my family walk past. They were, at that point, oblivious to my running away. It was a New Year’s Day, a sunny crisp one that had been accentuated my my Grandma’s divine roast potatoes. I was about seven. And I wanted a dog.

The refusal to engage in the conversation (“you are not having one”) was the trigger for my flight. I wasn’t going to stick around with this group of unreasonable people who wouldn’t let me have an adorable waggy tailed friend.

And thats when I found myself becoming part of a travelling community of dog lovers, roaming the world entertaining the masses.

*insert screeching end of day dream sound*

No- I don’t recall how it ended but I was back at my grandparents in time for one of those post feast teas where everyone stuffs white carbs into their overloaded bodies.

We never got a dog as a family.

And so two years ago, when I moved here, I resolved to get a dog. I have the perfect house for a…