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As I type world war three is breaking out on the other side of the road.. my housies are arguing about PDFs and JPEGs which is the downside of living with geeks!

Meanwhile in my niche and juvenile world the Christian scene has imploded today! Us "Brits" are getting very flustered about something that Pastor Mark Driscoll might have said about us having no good young Bible teachers.. I'm not going to get too into that just now- but might in the future.

But this spat has trumped an earlier one: as I turned on the radio at early o'clock the dude was Ekklesia was saying on Radio 5LIve that the Church of England has gotten into bed with Satan. I'm not going to get into that just now- but might in the future.

That spat overshadowed the first bit of church related news I saw this morning. That was the Archbishop of York talking about child quality of life. Something that matters. Something that will resonate down the generations. And something that has been trumpe…