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London Day 23


Didn't quite get up in time to get to church. Ooops. Took the hound out for a walky. Did some tidying. Did some theological reflection stuff (I so much prefer the group stuff than doing it on my own!). Went to South Bank and had coffee and soup (yes yes it was 30 degrees and very sunny but I fancied soup so I had soup). Was not alone in this venture.. Was joined by my diminutive friend. Was good to actually see someone face to face.. London is a bit debilitating!

Went back and did more TR. Took dog out for more walkies later! The end

London Day 22

Saturday! Err what happened Saturday.. Oh yes.. I went here for breakfast.. Had eggs and soldiers. And read the Guardian cover to cover.

Got back to discover a bird in the house (which is not worth two in the bush or anything vaguely like that as it turns out). So shut the dog in one room and opened windows till eventually it flew out! Spent next twenty minutes clearing up bird turd!

Did some more reading and then went out and bought essential items for camping (Olays foaming facial cloths and a head torch.. you may wish to join my diminutive friend in mocking me for said purchase but I won't fall down a rabbit hole.. I ma of course talking about the head torch now.. feel free to mock the foaming facial cloths.)

And that was about it!

London Day 21

Friday- rudely awakened by the workmen coming to clear the loft. Discovered that someone had left church open so our squatter has found a new nest.. Pottered around, took dog for walk. tried to wake up... Andrea came over, took dog out for second walk.. dinner, conversation etc..

A couple of moments of self revelation helped by some online communication!


Three more London days left!!


Oh boy.. I don't know what is going on with me but I am losing all my skills of organisation.. Its a funny story thats not for the blog but I need to sort it out before too long or I will end up losing something (possibly my mind!!)

London Day 22- With The Measure You Judge

Hmm.. hard to know what to say about this day. Took the pooch for a long walk. Then trekked across town to take things back to shops. Then went to South Bank to see friends.

Which is when it became apparent that with the measure the church has judged (visibly), it will be judged back to us. I didn't get into this to have an opinion about practising gay bishops. And yet its the thing that I keep getting asked about. If I'm honest I really don't like it- I am being judged on what I think about what maybe 4 people!


London Day 21- which was mainly in Swindon!

Went to Swindon, in part to have a day of directional issues! Started by getting lost getting out of Swindon rail station! Kind of went from there. Trued on lots of sunglasses and bought none. Did get some approach shoes! And some stuff to do sketching!

Was very lovely to see Becky and to get some perspective on stuff!

And on train journey home got some writing planning done.. Very fun..


London Day 20.. Day of Selk

Selk really was the thing that dominated the day in some ways. I got up and took the hound to the post office to pick up the parcel. Then planned night prayer and did night prayer and that was most of the day!

Sorry, not hugely exciting!


I know its not a flattering photo.. but then its not a flattering item of clothing! But it just might keep me warm and comfy under canvas during August..

.. And it means I have a costume for fancy dress parties for some years to come!

London Day 19- which was everywhere

So: got up, went to Bedford to look at a curacy. Not going to say much here, save they may not have seen the best of me as everyone seemed to be conspiring to starve me of caffeine all morning!

Left there and drove to North London. Had tea with Luce (yey!!)..

Then went and watched Wall-E. I spent a bit of time reflecting before over dinner asking God about future and various other bits and bobs..

So my favourite Wall-E line, "I don't want to survive I want to live". Amen and amen!

Drove back into Londinium Central, to find that selk bag was waiting at the post office!

London Day 17, which was actually mainly in Colchester!

Yesterday was Daniel's 2nd Birthday (he is one of my godchildren), so we all pitched along to Colchester Zoo. Amid the showers we saw lots of animals, including the massive and majestic tigers! Picture of the day is me with a giraffe (thats the dark silhouette!)

Back to Luton for dinner with my sis, then a soiree at home.


London Day 16

Was a full on day.

And ended in Luton.

Not going to say much here, but suffice to say I found myself finding God in the midst of people's pain. I heard him speak through those to whom no-one listens. Much to reflect on- a very humbling day!

London Day 14

Wow.. that was yesterday- when I did very little. I kept falling asleep. Like I got up, pottered for two hours, fell asleep. Got up, journalled a bit (which was really good for me, like really good!), came back, went to sleep.

Got up, dropped Jo and family back at the station, had curry with a friend, came back went to sleep (not before stopping some very lovely international students form playing Samba music outside our windows. I found it bizarre that no-one else saw fit to ask them to be quiet.. they were lovely about it when I just said, its really loud and I need to sleep)..

Ha well..

No photo again.. sorry..

To Selk or Not To Selk...

So I'm going camping in the next couple of weeks. Not for huge amounts of time- but for long enough..

And I've had my eye on a selk bag for a long time. How do I describe it: a human shaped sleeping bag, a baby gro for grown ups..

But its £84.. a lot of money. But it will last.. and will keep me warm. And has novelty value. And will be fun to watch telly in.. And had fancy dress potential..

Dilemma! Eeek

London Day 13

Imagine, some 12 years ago, these three happy faces pitched up to train as teachers. We spent much time laughing then and still do now. Was very lovely to see Paula and Esther and to chew the fat as it were.

The rest of the day was, once again, a bit of a blur. Very tired! But got up did some reading, went back to bed, got up, did night prayer went for dinner..

London Day 12

I genuinely have no idea where Monday went.

I got up, pottered around, tried to do a bit of work, did noon prayer, pottered some more, went to North London to play Scrabble with Anna. Was most reassured that some of what I'm feeling right now is most normal (theme which followed into Tuesday!).

Came back and had lovely dinner with Jo, Bronwyn and Jo's folks.


London Day 11

Sorry for the blogging gap. Tired tired tired. Sunday involved a big ole drive back south followed by a short service at an old folks home. (In a moment of genius I had remembered the black service book but had forgotten the, also black, Bible!). Doh! Still managed I hope to make it work.

Then had dinner with some lovely folk from Australia who are staying with us just now.

This- fittingly- was my coffee mug at dinner.. I'd like to think it is true.

London, York and Bradford (or is It Leeds?) Day 10

So- got up at 6, made tea, said bye to Becky: sorted out car, showered, did hair, make up, checked everything, Geoff arrived, drove to York. Accident on M1 meant that we were running suitably close to time.. rehearsed, changed.. did wedding..

Went to reception, This is me with Steve (he is married to the lovely Sharon with whom we stayed, for those non Brizzle folks).

Now, being a wedding and all that I should have pictures of the bride and groom.. but.. ooopsy... I don't.. I'm sure other people will! Sorry!

London Day... er 9

So that was Friday right?

Well yes we shopped! Becky and I tripped to High Street Ken (yah dahhhlling!) and went hot pink! (is hot pink a colour in English English or just American English?)

Was most knackering, so after night prayer Pizza and telly was required.. before toe nail painting, and sleep!

Hmm.. photo... Yes well this is what my toes look like.. turns out they ONLY go with hot pink!

London Day 8

Becky took this...

...On our little late night trip to the beautiful South Bank.

London Day 7

It rained on Wednesday! I went into Oxford Street to buy clothes.. and did OK.. not quite as weddingy as I'd hoped but hey!

Then headed to Boiler Room! Was nice to step back into the place and see Charlotte, and Phil and Andy and most of all Andrea!!! Yey!

Then I had a ice quiet night in, doing virtual telly watching with becky!

No photo for today, we'll make up for it!

London Day 6

Was a monster! (raaraaahhh.. thats my monster noise!)

I got up early and went out to Hampton for a meeting. Then came back via phonecalls and did lunch and stuff and arranged an interview/ meeting re curacy. Then did afternoon prayer and evening prayer and had curry and cake and saw Flan and we went and saw Luce.. and then came back.

Was a proper up and down one. The dogs were good in it.. Here is one (though may be termed as a ball of fluff!)

London Day 5

London Day 5 was an interesting and wet one!

I pottered in the morning, did midday prayers, popped to church house to see if they were stocking purple in women's sizes (joke.. was looking for Hebrew Bible but they had nothing that wouldn't look odd on a train!).

Came back to do 3pm prayers and got talking to someone at the drop in cafe.. Took Bramble out for a w.a.l.k. just when it started to howl it down with rain. Got wet. Got wetter sat in the doorway of church talking to E.

As was cold and wet decided on cinema over Russian cellos.. Saw Prince Caspian! and was fed lovely food by Sarah, and saw Hannah W into the bargain!

Image of the day below.. most likely true.. stuff to ponder.

Women Bishops..

We can have some. Hooray!

Not a very theologically reflective statement, but good to say it out loud.

(I also just watched Prince Caspian in which the women were playing a very good fighting role.. ). Again not much theological reflection, maybe I ran out of that.. All I can say is yey!

London Day 4

This somewhat blurry image doesn't quite do justice to the MAMMOTH omelette we were treated to last night in a very cool pub called the Troubadour!

Good highlight of an up and down day!

(And caught Rafa's celebration in the dark!)

London Day Three..

Much calmer day, pottering around the house, watching a whole bunch of tennis. Very excited about Laura Robson, just seems to have good mental attitude!

Hung out in the garden in the evening, with guests from NZ and people from London. This provides day 3's picture.. The result of my (lost) altercation with the garden gate!

London Day 2

Well that was a crazy day! Nearly lost the dogs three times, much coming and going. More interaction with real people than in my entire first year at college (This is probably an exaggeration but I was very aware of how sheltered I've been). Led my first night prayer, walked dogs, saw a friend...

Went to Sainsies!

Did my first hot tube of the summer!

Today's photo- just round the corner.. very pretty.. also wonder if its where Jeremy Clarkson lives!


London Day 1


Well I arrived in London safely. Had lunch with Luce and then moved into Earls Court. Got tube out tp Richmond and had dinner in Hampton with Tim and Sarah. Then drank wine by the Thames, which is where the image comes from.

Good start. Will try to blog daily- partly as a discipline..

Andy Murray!

Well he fought back!

I have to say that I don't want to be a sceptic but it will take a remarkable performance to beat Rafa! But if he does I will be there on Friday, joining the many thousands of people on the hill! C'mon!

(p.s. He may be helped by rain tomorrow giving him some rest time!)

More later.