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I wouldn't normally rant!

Yeah, sure!

Today's rant is a little bit more than just that though.. Its actually embedded itself deep into my psyche really.

In the last two days I've had three or four pleas for me to pray for Norman Kember. He's the 74 year old British peace campaigner who has been kidnapped in Iraq. Fine, and please hear that I totally value this guys and his contribution.


I have never had an email or text asking me to pray for the family of the ight people shot dead this morning in Baghdad. Or the incidents below which ALL happened before lunchtime yesterday

"BALAD - Six Iranians, including two women, and an Iraqi woman were kidnapped after gunmen opened fire on their bus on Monday, seriously wounding the Iraqi driver, police said. The group were on their way to a Shi'ite holy shrine in Balad, 70 km (45 miles) north of Baghdad. Police said the three women were released later on Monday.

TIKRIT - Thafer Migwil Hazza, a relative of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein and a f…

Weird Train Happenings

Its ages since I have blogged about the joy that is commuting.. but I feel compelled to add a few words from the 1029 Gatwick Airport service.. because there are a few weird things happening.

The first is this.. I always start sneezing a little way south of Luton Airport Parkway.. I may be allergic to the border with Hertfordshire or something but it’s a peculiar thing!

The second is the gross thing I saw yesterday on the 0659 Moorgate service (yes be impressed..).. a man drinking milk out of the carton. “What?” I hear you cry.. “that’s totally normal”.. ah yes but this was SOYA MILK! Yuk yuk yukkity yuk!

And now: well there are a couple sat behind me laughing intermittently (but hysterically) at I know not what.. they have innocent iPod headphones in.. no books in their hands… they clearly haven’t read the code that says that emotion is only allowed on trains after 2230, unless it is a mild annoyance at a train related problem! When will these people learn!

You May Be Pleased To Know...

That I got into the Reading Boiler Room (though frankly the car was warmer!)

Today you join me sat in the Boiler Room (first day in for a week today!). We are starting a 24-7 week in couple of hours.. and to be honest its all a bit weird. We barely have anything signed up. Very odd.. even people who would nromally be around have disappeared (please don't ANYONE think this is a dig.. its not). Kind of leaves you wondering really..

I guess a bigger thought is how do I react to that? Normally I would fight I think.. make loads of phonecalls and stuff.. but this time I really really just want to curl up and be looked after through it all. I'm not sure if I'm a bit sick or if I lost my fight, or if just maybe God is doing a new thing in me..

I feel really childlike in it.. wanting my Dad to wrap me up in a big blanket and lay me down on a heavenly sofa- just wanting to know that He is present in the background while I lie in a darkened room. I don't want to go and pl…

So this is weird?

I'm sitting in my car outside the Reading Boiler Room. I'm locked out because ( Ithink) I let the person who left with a key, out from the drive... this is a tad annoying.. it will become more annoying if I can't get in at all (largely cos the person I'm here to see is locked inside!) Will also be more annoying if my computer runs out of battery (am making the most of the wireless just now!) or if I need the loo.. which is likely as have been feeling a bit rough in the last couple of days..

But for now I'm listening to Colin Murray so its all ok...

Blair out?

Have been pondering this for a while and it seems like I may not be AS off the ball as it may have seemed!

I think Tony might be gone after the budget.. the date in my head is 22nd..

Just listening to the coverage about the terrorism bill its not inconceivable that the boy will go... watch this space


Comes only to kill and steal and destroy..

A less well know prerequisite to Jesus' "I have come that they may have life, and have t to the full"

I'm wondering if this is what I'm seeing happen right now. It feels like so many of us are in danger of being robbed at the moment. God is doing loads: mainly in us, but also in what we are doing and how we are doing it.. There are many of us on the cusp of something great.. and yet it seems that as soon as God takes us forward, we get robbed. We get robbed as we struggle with our own sense of self doubt, we sin- worse than we ever thought we could or would. We get hurt, we hurt otheres, we are hit by a soul crushing sense of inadequacy.. and thats just me! It all seems to want to take away from us the very thing that God is doing. It feels like we just went to the cashpoint, only to get mugged as we put the crisp tenners into our pocket.

The thief is lurking- he is intent on destroying us... he wants to steal befor…