Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Weird Train Happenings

Its ages since I have blogged about the joy that is commuting.. but I feel compelled to add a few words from the 1029 Gatwick Airport service.. because there are a few weird things happening.

The first is this.. I always start sneezing a little way south of Luton Airport Parkway.. I may be allergic to the border with Hertfordshire or something but it’s a peculiar thing!

The second is the gross thing I saw yesterday on the 0659 Moorgate service (yes be impressed..).. a man drinking milk out of the carton. “What?” I hear you cry.. “that’s totally normal”.. ah yes but this was SOYA MILK! Yuk yuk yukkity yuk!

And now: well there are a couple sat behind me laughing intermittently (but hysterically) at I know not what.. they have innocent iPod headphones in.. no books in their hands… they clearly haven’t read the code that says that emotion is only allowed on trains after 2230, unless it is a mild annoyance at a train related problem! When will these people learn!


Pet Geek said...

And train people are always so much nicer than bus people (or at least the lot that used to cram onto the 31 between Luton & Dunstabubble every day). They'd have probably brought a cow on the bus and drunk straight from that!

Michael said...

Permission to name-drop?

The weirdest thing that's happened to me on a train is being woken up by Slovenian board guards. Not very weird, huh? Well, I had pick between Slovenian and Hungarian. I thought Slovenian was maybe the weirder.

Especially as it was on the 0834 from Harlington to Luton.