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Who Shall Die?

So JK Rowling has said that two characters will die in the last Harry Potter book. More to the point she has said that two that she hadn't always meant to die. So who do we think it is going to be? I'm going to stick my neck out and say... (drum roll.. )..

Will explain my thinking at a later date! Or when people have added their comments!

Back in the room

A couple of days ago I started a post called; "ever felt like God wandered off?". It was about the absence of God just when you feel like you need him most. And I meant it. I think I'm just glad I didn't publish it. Why? Well mainly because in just one day my perspective has changed.

God's been talking quite a bit about waiting for good things to happen- just about everyone I know has been saying He's got such good things. But I just feel like sometimes we have to wait till the very end. Its like that passage where Saul is told to wait for Samuel to pitch up to make the sacrifice. He doesn't do it.. he thinks Samuel has let him down and does it himself. Then right on time Samuel pitches up and tells him off..

And so, right on time (just after you think you need him most), God pitches up.. with good things!

You so should watch this!

You should do two things tomorrow night. The first is to get to the boiler room for the end of year one party (and my send off!). But after that get yourselves home for the 0040 showing of the West Wing on More4! Its going to be a CORKER!!! Its election day.. there's something for everyone! You can all even come watch it at my house (assuming I haven't burned it down by then!)

You are all very lovely!

Bless you

Don't leave me in charge!

I did something very very dumb!

I left the house on Monday lunchtime.. to stay in London for the week.

I left the iron on!

I shouldn't be allowed to own a house.

My parents, heroes that they are, found aforementioned iron, switched it off and only very gently berated me..

The house, save for a slightly withered plant, is fine!

Funny old world!

Death By Sandwich

Its only a couple of weeks till I will be delivered from gorgeous lunchtime sandwiches. But in the meantime, it seems, I am destined to spend my lunchtimes being molested by escaping bits of Pret! Today I was victim of a cheese and pickle! It kind of exploded over my jeans, and now my whole office smells a little bit pickly! There are tiny tomato splats on my laptop and my sermon notes are ruined!

I'm sure there are many lessons I can learn.. don't eat at your desk.. sometimes you have to sacrifice the shirt to save the jeans.. fasting is a good discipline.. mouth resides below nose, not adjacent!

Oh well!

Say Something!

I haven't blogged for a while. But then I'm not sure I have much to say?! Hmm.. I could blog about the World Cup (don't panic we'll be OK). Could blog about the weather (hot), could blog about the diocesan synod (surprisingly not as dull as many many other meetings I have been in.. formal yes but succinct and good natured). Could blog about... err..

See I ran out of thoughts already! Will get back to you after sainsies trip!