Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Death By Sandwich

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Its only a couple of weeks till I will be delivered from gorgeous lunchtime sandwiches. But in the meantime, it seems, I am destined to spend my lunchtimes being molested by escaping bits of Pret! Today I was victim of a cheese and pickle! It kind of exploded over my jeans, and now my whole office smells a little bit pickly! There are tiny tomato splats on my laptop and my sermon notes are ruined!

I'm sure there are many lessons I can learn.. don't eat at your desk.. sometimes you have to sacrifice the shirt to save the jeans.. fasting is a good discipline.. mouth resides below nose, not adjacent!

Oh well!


Michael said...

I can sympathise with the exploding foodstuffs. I have a partially repressed memory of an interview I once attended involving smart clothes, a very crumbly biscuit and a formally clean carpet. I'm working on making it a fully repressed memory.

Ah well, at least I left my mark, so to speak.

Kate John said...

a bottle of banana smoothie exploded from the heat in sarah's car the other day... hee hee