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By The Rivers of Canmore

I sat down and wept. Amazing! That a God who walked only as a man in the dust of Palestine would make this in such intricate beauty. Would take so much time over it. Would make so much of it.


Hi from Calgary

Not sure what this will look like on screen but it was the view out the car window as we drove in from the airport yesterday. The snow covered Rockies in the distance, beautiful big skies- I like Canada already!

Managed to stay up last night to stop crazy jet lag, and went out for a big big breakfast this morning before wandering down by the river. Its gloriously sunny and that beautiful crispy cold air!

I'm off to the mountains tomorrow for a couple of days. I;m really looking forward to some more beauty and some space to write.. (started writing on teh plane yesterday, it felt really good!)

5 minutes to go!

The last bell is about to go! I just have to give my year tens some final bits and pieces on Jack The Ripper. Then I leave this merry place, ready for a week of snow, nice coffee and rest! Woo hoo.. (mind you I do have to negotiate the year tens first!!)

In search of inspiration!

So I just had my psych report interview. Less said about that the better. I'm putting aside all desires to go do something reckless and am about to finish my reports- yes folks that 9 grades for each of 180 students.. drum roll 1620 individual scores to record.. all before Friday! (so I can fly to Canada unencumbered by them!).

In order to restore my resolve that teaching is more than baby sitting and number crunching I'm off to watch The History Boys! I'm hoping that Alan Bennett can revive my vision of education as releasing, capacitating and individual.. rather than an exercise in crowd control!

All hail the revolution!

Heck no..

I just lost most of my itunes! I think in a freak update dilemma. ANd then I lost the same lot of stuff off my iPod.

Bum.. Bum.. Bum.

Later: found a way to restore it.. phew!!!

Just call me Mrs Relate!

I've always walked, well teetered precariously along a line between relating to young people as a teacher and as a youthworker. The two roles are pretty different in some ways.. but just occasionally you get a bit of cross over that makes you realise that teaching doesn't have to be all about achievement.

I had to give a bunch of year nines detention this week. Nothing massive, just constantly distracted and chatty (don't smile til Christmas!!!). So they turned up- on time- yesterday lunchtime. There were two form groups represented. And then it came out- unbeknown to me I had unwittingly put all three elements of a love triangle in one room.

With a little coaxing (and help from S) we soon got to the bottom of it- tension dissipated as the lads shook hands. The girl was happy that it was all ouit in the open and that she was less confused.. they left saying it was "the best detention ever".. should I be happy about that?

Ach well.. it was a nice moment before …

You are what you watch!

Its a long held thought that the more West wing I watch (in one go) the more likely I am to be found stalking down corridors, asking people to walk with me and wondering whats next.

That I can handle but today I think I am experiencing a new phenomena: Dawson's angst. Having never really gotten into Dawsons Creek as a biddler it has been lent to me in order to increase my connection with the energing generation. I watched the first three episodes yesterday and since then have been suffering from what I can only describe as teenage angst!

I'm slightly sullen, everything is a big deal and wherever I am, I am followed by an cutesy acoustic track! What is to become of me!

Press One To Confirm!

Well its now just two and a half hours till I don the white dress and the veil.. and get ready to take a new name.

Well it would be if I were a Catholic..

But I'm not.. so I'm going to wear jeans and affirm my commitment to the Anglican Church!

This is important on a number of levels: in part its cos I have to if I want to be a vicar.

But its also important to say that I'm prepared to commit to the authority of the Anglican communion, even if sometimes I don't fully get it.

So here goes.