Monday, October 16, 2006

In search of inspiration!

So I just had my psych report interview. Less said about that the better. I'm putting aside all desires to go do something reckless and am about to finish my reports- yes folks that 9 grades for each of 180 students.. drum roll 1620 individual scores to record.. all before Friday! (so I can fly to Canada unencumbered by them!).

In order to restore my resolve that teaching is more than baby sitting and number crunching I'm off to watch The History Boys! I'm hoping that Alan Bennett can revive my vision of education as releasing, capacitating and individual.. rather than an exercise in crowd control!

All hail the revolution!

1 comment:

jeff said...

I know exactly what you mean.
Teaching has to be more, it has to be inspiring, and leading, and encouraging, and refreshing, and releasing....
just so hard to do.
well i think it is anyway.
but with a lot of hope.