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Grabbing The Third Rail...

Right, I'm going to wade in. Accordingly to Jed* social security is the third rail of US politics- well I might have to disagree, because healthcare is doing a darned good job.

As a follower of facebook I am kind of intrigued that people I know from the US are incredibly angry about the proposed healthcare reforms. The vitriol is pretty huge. This week Jimmy Carter named it as racism: I think he is a bit out of touch (see also comments about women a couple months ago.. he is talking like its fifteen years ago). There may be an element of race, but what I see is the rearing of a somewhat McCarthian head.

Something that I have never understood about right wing US politics is the fear of 'Big Government', I know that people can argue that its a Union of States but it is a nation and deals as one. To my mind the debate over healthcare is along these lines, but is being twisted by that word 'social'.

I think deep in the subconscious there remains a McCarthyite f…

Staying on the Edge..

Coming back from holiday is always a funny one. I think I always experience a bit of discontent, and this week has been no exception. I have come back to long run of meetings (I think I have on night off other than days off in the next three weeks). I'm not moaning about being busy, but I am beginning to get angsty about how much mission is getting missed because I am in those meetings.

Meetings drag me to the centre. They force compromise. They are generally about things that are already established. They often focus on problems and details and things which in my head are not important enough to worry about. They make me wonder if we can do anything. They are often an escape for when we have lost our courage: rather than just getting on with something, we have a meeting.

I feel myself tempted by the meetings culture: that under the guise of 'settling in' I will attend everything and never do anything.

I want to stay edgy. I want to stay missional. I want to st…

Laws and sausages!

are two things which according to Leo McGarry are two thigs you ndon't want people to see you make. Permission to add a third one?

My Avon lady (oh my.. I'm getting old) dropped me a bunch of samples. I normally stick with what I know, but she is keen so I said I would try some stuff. Unfortunately I have a nut/ seed allergy which means I have turned into one of those annoying people who reads labels meticulously.

So: where to start. Out of 20 samples I can only use 4 (this is no great loss just a mere starter). Of those that I can use one contains urea (eugh), others have bits of chemical that sound like they should be in the Half Blood Prince's store. Its all a bit grim..

Hmm... laws, sausages and cosmetics maybe Leo?!

Back From Holiday..

I'm sat in my snug watching my new telly (thank you +John). Its 2pm and I am still in my pyjamas, enjoying the last 24 hours of holiday. Its been a good two weeks: I think I have clocked up a couple of thousand miles one way or another, driving to Bristol, flying to France, road tripping back and doing the ferry, a sneaky look at the college renovations, Devon, Luton and back to here.

I feel rested, refreshed and pleasantly surprised at how easy it has been to switch off.

But now, its time to gear up. I am excited about the next blast. This term is when I start to really do my stuff in the estate. I have a plan, written I hope prayerfully, and it starts its roll out now.

Phase one of the plan is allowing my heart to get broken by this place. Its about being soft and yet strong I think. I'll try and update as much as I can here.