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As Long as E Needs Meeeeee....

So its the final!

I have to say I'm not quite sure what is going to happen. It seems that Jodie has the popular vote, so she will most likely be a safe bet if people just stick with their favourite.


Should the discerning British public look at what is on offer tonight and vote accordingly then the following is interesting (to say the least!)..

Liza Minelli. Coaching through the week. SALW has already mentioned her name in teh same breath as Jessie.. Will it bode well?

Samantha. Getting stronger and more confident.. Though Cameron might steal her for an Eponine!

Story story story! I think thats why Jodie is popular, we saw her with new boyfriend, now they are engaged.. and we all love a good story.

In short: could be fun!

Can't pass up the opportunity!

In 48 hours it is very likely that my time as a Hebrew scholar will be over (*cheers from people who really are fed up with me chuntering on about it all the time*).

But in honour of this year I thought it deserved just one last post! I have spent the morning looking through translations of Genesis, trying to make my brain remember why particular vowels disappear and so on. If I wasn't trying to make it stick in my brain I would be considerably more peaceful about it- in fact I would enjoy it.. But alas I must remember... at least 65% of it I think..

Right thats it... No more Hebrew posts (well maybe one little celebratory one!).

Watch this space for Nancy speculation!

How To Win Eurovision!

Please bear in mind that I chose Mean Girls over Eurovision as my essay writing companion so I have nothing to say about the music!

So my winning tips are:

1- oppress several small states for about 40 years and then as your economy collapses allow them independence. They will be grateful in about 20 years and will vote for you. (GB be aware that colonising Africa was a bad move in this front.. and many others!)

2- Own all the oil.. and the pipelines. Then people who rely on you to be able to light their dark little homes will vote for you. (GB, that little puddle of gas we guard in the North Sea is not enough!)

3- Leave the keys lying around for your incredibly large defunct nuclear arsenal. Nearby countries will vote for you so renegade terror groups will not explode things in your country. (GB.. I don't recommend this, there are limits to trying to win)

4- Sing in English (frankly GB should get points for all teh people who steal our language!)

5- Half take your shirt off (the o…

Weird Weekends!

So I'm kind of living between three places at the minute, which is weird! In my current house there have been two stag do's this weekend and there is a wedding going on in my dining room! In my other house: well there is a Kid's club in the side garden.

Maybe house 3 would have been a better idea!

Tis a most strange thing.

yishfit, tishftit

tishfit, tishfti, eshfit, yishftu, tishfitnah, tishftu, tishfitnah, nishfit

Yes my friends it is the time of year where I am learning imcomplete Hebrew verbs! Apparently in Hebrew things are either complete, or not! And those two staes form the basis of the tenses! Completed is past, incomplete is future!

A beer for the first person who recognises my very bad transliteration!

Blog bore..

Hello, and welcome to the 450th post (according to the little statistics bar thing)

You join me as I try to hack though 5000 words of reflective writing (no not writing in a shiny pen.. if only it were that simple). In our first year we have to write 16 little vignettes of reflective wisdom on our experience here.

For me this is quite a tortuous experience- I love learning, and I am reasonable reflective, but I would much rather bash out my thoughts over a beer in the pub than in written form.

So this evening has been quite dull. Although I do now have a beer in my hand! If nothing else it might make my writing a little more creative!

Anyway: when this is finished I might start blogging more regularly. Theres lots to say!

Watch this space!