Monday, May 05, 2008

Blog bore..

Hello, and welcome to the 450th post (according to the little statistics bar thing)

You join me as I try to hack though 5000 words of reflective writing (no not writing in a shiny pen.. if only it were that simple). In our first year we have to write 16 little vignettes of reflective wisdom on our experience here.

For me this is quite a tortuous experience- I love learning, and I am reasonable reflective, but I would much rather bash out my thoughts over a beer in the pub than in written form.

So this evening has been quite dull. Although I do now have a beer in my hand! If nothing else it might make my writing a little more creative!

Anyway: when this is finished I might start blogging more regularly. Theres lots to say!

Watch this space!

1 comment:

BS5 Blogger said...

You are good when you have the blogging bit between your teeth! Good to see you yesterday and here's wishing you a good week!