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Doing What Matters...

I make no secret about it- this term I took on a whole chunk of lectures to make space for me to have real Sabbath time after Christmas, to do some writing and to chill out (and as it turns out buy vicar garb!).

So now is pretty busy.

And when its busy you find yourself having to make choices. You make choices about what you can and can't focus on. Today I think I might have made a bad choice. I was focused during baptism ecclesiology. I was focused during Paul's thinking about spiritual gifts. I was not focused during two and a half hours of hell. Not bad lecturing, just lecturing about hell. As in, is it about eternal punishment, annihilation, universalism: things that are really important to people in our parishes! And alas I was not on the ball. What do I choose?

(apologies for dodgy typo.. )

That time of year!

Sunday is the first in Advent. I know this because I am on a preaching team (at Anne Widdecombe's brother's church!) and had a quick look at the lectionary for inspiration (didn't use it cos they were all about hellfire and I couldn't quite bring myself to talk about people/ God arriving on clouds). But the advent season kind of sums things up just now. Waiting for some really good and exciting stuff to happen.

But still waiting.

On Sunday I'm going to talk about John Baptist and how he kept himself amused whilst waiting (I'm not going to treat it as flippantly as that). I just am beginning to be aware that I am living in my own sermon!

I might also try to make a Blue Peter advent crown!

Or maybe not!


.. So in a very timely moment the BBC have decided to run a web series on life on a housing estate in Leeds. As many of you know I am a complete housing estate lover (if that doesn't sound weird).. so feel very free to join me in reading about what its like to live in one in Leeds.


People Watching..

Its amazing how detached you can get from life. Last night we spent an hour and a half in casualty. We were just sat in the walking wounded waiting room. A number of observations:
1- alcohol costs. Five police officers around one man.
2- alcohol costs. A daughter looking after a drunk and injured dad.
3- Wednesday is sports day. Two injured looking ankles with attached girlfriends.
4- smoking is inconvenient. Two people on drips going in an out for a fag.
5- NHS staff work very hard.
6- NHS car parking is expensive.
7- For every injury there is a story.

If you feel like life is a bit clean and clinical I challenge you to go and watch an A and E department. In sharp focus are people with their hurts, woes and worries.

Blogging pressure..

So somehow I have ended up on a list of female Christian bloggers! And its making me feel the pressure to write something witty and erudite. Which consequently means I have writer's block. But we will fight on. I'm actually in a lecture about open theism. Which technically I should be concentrating on. But we are just in the opening throes..

Anyway.. more in the break.

Watching Rubbish Telly!

Is a noble Saturday occupation!

I watched three Extreme Makeover Home editions back to back.. and cried at all of them. And then nearly did the same with the travesty that was X Factor tonight. I am glad that the British public was not charged with voting in the Next US President because we would have gone for someone inexplicably in the race who just happens to have a good story!

Outrageous.. I have retired into teh arms of Jonathan Creek for some more feasible telly!!!!

Election Night 2

"And I have been to the mountain top.. and I have seen the promised land.. And I may not get there with you, but I want you to know tonight that we, as a people, will get to the promised land" MLK 3rd April 1968

I'm just listening to Barack Obama's victory speech. And there is a sense of fulfillment, the US has bravely stepped forward and for whatever reasons has voted in Barack Obama.

I'm a little bit moved. It feels awfully significant and at the same time very mundane.

Will write more when I am less tired.

Election Night

You join me sat in the TV room. We have 6 of us here.. wirelessly connected to the rest of the world. I have tabs open looking at the BBC, CNN, C-Span and Fox News (for comedy value). Cei has a bunch of other stuff and we are notching up facebook conversations by the bucketload!

Happy days!

Don't know how long I'll last but thus far this is fun!

Finishing Essays...

Well I did it. I had two days of very much focus during which I read enough for my reading list and then fired off 3500 words about liberation theology.

And then there was the road trip! Thursday- Bristol to Liverpool. Couple off full days in Liverpool which was fun and then over the M62 to Leeds early on Sunday morning. Day in Leeds before heading over to Yeadon. Then back to Leeds for a bit yesterday before heading home.. in a very obscure way. We did 600 miles in the five days. Am now a little bit tired and have a LOT to think about.

If you wanna find out more how you can pray this week about future stuff then please do drop me an email and I will fill you in.

In the meantime...

Expect blog posts throughout the night!