Thursday, November 13, 2008

People Watching..

Its amazing how detached you can get from life. Last night we spent an hour and a half in casualty. We were just sat in the walking wounded waiting room. A number of observations:
1- alcohol costs. Five police officers around one man.
2- alcohol costs. A daughter looking after a drunk and injured dad.
3- Wednesday is sports day. Two injured looking ankles with attached girlfriends.
4- smoking is inconvenient. Two people on drips going in an out for a fag.
5- NHS staff work very hard.
6- NHS car parking is expensive.
7- For every injury there is a story.

If you feel like life is a bit clean and clinical I challenge you to go and watch an A and E department. In sharp focus are people with their hurts, woes and worries.


Lauren & Mick Newman said...

you only waited an hour and a half, that is pretty impressive!
I have had several 'great' emergency room experiences!

Ellen Loudon said...

why in casualty? what happened? Not enough

jude said...

Nut allergy! I was all swolled up!