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So this is what Sunday looks like..

There are a lot of occupational hazards when you are a vicar type. Not least of these is losing any sense of what a Sunday is like for normal people, including Christians. Lets face it there aren't huge numbers of folk who HAVE to be up every Sunday at silly o'clock.

So this morning I have had a morning off. Its past midday, and I'm still in my pyjamas. I'm enjoying sitting listening to the end of the cricket. I'm really enjoying sitting at my dining table, which I'm beginning to use a bit more. I have the remnant of the Saturday paper to devour and I'm looking forward to a nice tasty lunch.

I might head out later, you never know..

Sundays off are rare but kind of beautiful. They really can be Sabbath!

A proper busy day..

In this job you can have days where life moves slowly and you smile and say 'what a great job'! In this job you can have days where life is hugely difficult and you squirm and say 'what a privileged job'. And you can have days like yesterday which are just plain .. well, they are like this:

Awake to a text about a service later in the day
Breakfast, shower, dress, work out a key strategy for the day as trousers have no pockets.
Make lists of things which need to happen in next few days
Break out in cold sweat
Head to church, set up for Eucharist
Talk to people at the end of an all night vigil, set up for another service
Head to place of first service and preside at Eucharist
Have tea!
Phone fellow priest to ask to borrow something
Go to fellow priests church to pick up thurible and thurible stand
Return to own church to get ready for large funeral
Receive mourners
Receive family
Talk to thurifer abouyt censing things!
Get looked at funny for being a woman priest.
Deacon at a very …

You know you've been poorly when...

I have been very vocally poorly this week: mainly because I got food poisoning and diseases of the tummy are not my forte. Combined with a raging fever and being home alone its made for lots of social network whingeing.

However, there are things that I have noted.. you know you've been ill when:
You have more than a vague idea of whats happening in Hollyoaks
You care how much money they make in Cash In The Attic
Every room in the house has a half drunk glass of water in it
Everything you have worn in the last week does up with a drawstring
You haven't drunk coffee all week (I know crazy)..
You have slept as much in the day as at night

Talking of which.. I think a little nap is in order!