Thursday, August 26, 2010

A proper busy day..

In this job you can have days where life moves slowly and you smile and say 'what a great job'! In this job you can have days where life is hugely difficult and you squirm and say 'what a privileged job'. And you can have days like yesterday which are just plain .. well, they are like this:

Awake to a text about a service later in the day
Breakfast, shower, dress, work out a key strategy for the day as trousers have no pockets.
Make lists of things which need to happen in next few days
Break out in cold sweat
Head to church, set up for Eucharist
Talk to people at the end of an all night vigil, set up for another service
Head to place of first service and preside at Eucharist
Have tea!
Phone fellow priest to ask to borrow something
Go to fellow priests church to pick up thurible and thurible stand
Return to own church to get ready for large funeral
Receive mourners
Receive family
Talk to thurifer abouyt censing things!
Get looked at funny for being a woman priest.
Deacon at a very moving funeral service for a friend from the parish.
Jump in a car with two other white clad clergy and head to the committal.
Head back for the wake.
Grab a spot of lunch at said..
Head home
Eat yoghurt
Head out to university library to get books for study
Get all bar one book for study
Head to buy printer paper and well earned cup of tea and sit down.
Make bolognese
Eat bolognese
Plan weddings for Friday and Saturday
Print wedding plans
Forget to pick up wedding plans as walk out door
Get to church
Move labels on funeral flowers
Remember that I have forgotten wedding plans
Ask housemate to email wedding plans to phone.
Wedding rehearse couple one.
Wedding rehearse couple two.
Head home.

I just needed to express that... feel much better now! Off to the gym for the first time since being poorly!

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