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Browning off

Back from Ibiza, and the pink is fading into a very pleasant brownish state. 

Have just sat for a few too many minutes trying to get together my thoughts on this... and am failing.. will have a ponder and come back to it..

Bit pink


In Ibiza.

So much to say.. am having a great time.  Have done the obligatory club night.. Amnesia.  Have sat in the sun and drunk cocktails.  Have watched the sun go down in what can only be described as a postmodern worship experience.  Have laughed lots.   Have gone freckly. Have prayer walked. Have realised that in all  of the short term stuff I have done this is the only one I could get a bug for.  Maybe its the relational  thing or that its quite easy to feel compassion for the very young holiday makers who are so lost and hurting and broken.

Haven't quite worked out any things for what happens next at home... maybe the plane ios what that is for???

So much more to say..

More on return.. Wednesday..

Squeezing in...

oooh.  Profound moment.

I think my body is doing what I am doing in my life.. I am squeezing into clothes at the minute (tenuously holding on to a glandular fever theory... seriously considering liposuction!).  Sometimes that makes for an uncomfortable fit.  Sometimes it requires a bit of creativity to make everything hold together. 

In my life just now I am trying to do the same.  I am squeezing more and more fat into the same size life.  I am tenuouslu holding on to the theory that next week will be less busy, whilst thinking about taking a sabbatical..  but it would all be fine if I just cut down on what I imbibe... if I said no a little more often..  if I wasn't trying to do six or seven things all at the same time..

hmmm... and if I'm really lucky then the clothes thing will be prophetic.. I'll stop doing so much and become skinny again..

or not!!

I highly recommend...

just a few thoughts from the last wee while. I haven't really had much time for reflection: so what follows are edited bits:

Firstly I recommend Feta Cheese crisps. They live in the new walkers meditterenean range. Very nice.

I recommend watching the Notebook, possibly the saddest film I've ever seen.. great for clearing the sinuses.

I recommend doing spontaneous things that scare you a bit. It makes you feel alive! (Mine is going to Ibiza on a whim.. eeeek)

I recommend Top Golf! Mainly for the joy it gives others.

I recommend friends.. even when its a bit scary, or ahrd, or inconvenient.

I recommend hanging in there in obedience even when all feels weird.

I recommend scary prayers, the ones that you almost hope God won't answer because if he does it will be insane.

I recommend a non scary God.. who likes me.. and you.. and actually likes hanging out with us..

I don't recommend being as schmultzy as this...