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Christians: they are the ones who forgive..

This Christmas I have seen three families talking about forgiveness on the basis of their faith. I think (I can't wholly remember the third family) that all three had lost a child to criminal activity. Losing a child somehow defies how things are supposed to be- it rebels against the natural order of things.. And yet all these people are talking about forgiveness.

In the third (or maybe 4th) century Christians were the only ones who stayed around to care for plague victims. I wonder if in the 21st century blame pandemic, that Christians might be the only ones who offer forgiveness. I'd like to be known like that.

Thoughts on theft..

So, one of my esteemed colleagues has gotten into bother for 'encouraging' shoplifting. I probably don't want to say too much about it- other than the context of the sermon is important.

There is something about theft and relationship which I want to articulate (I may fail). If one shoplifts there is very little relational damage. When someone steals from their parents or children, some part of the social fabric is ripped. Relationship has somehow been dishonoured.

Being burgled last week fits in the middle. My predecessor was quick to point out this morning that he was never burgled because: 'I pretty quickly got to know all the rogues'. Aside from the implied 'you are shit at the job'- it raises a relational question. Was the theft from my house a relational act?

I was very publically out and about that afternoon- at a kids party then a school play. Anyone who knows where I live would know the house was empty. So was it relational? And is it a go…

Winding down .. ooh no.. winding up for Christmas.

I confess. A bit of me still thinks that I am a student or a teacher or something. It is the week before Christmas and my body just wants to stop. Admittedly it hasn't been helped by the burglary- I think that has raised profound thought that I might blog about later.

But it is Christmas week and I must wind myself up into action. There are crib services and Midnight Communions and Christmas Day.. There are perhaps some unprecedented opportunities. I just hope that my overriding feeling of being the athlete who was great in the European Cup but may not make teh Olympic semis will pass.

This is getting dangerous!

I woke up at 6.05 this morning: and having done one of those weird deals with God I hauled me out of bed and got breakfast one! And then I went and put on my gym stuff (Which looks better each time I put it on!) And then I got in the car and at 6.40am I was in the gym!

I have a number of observations:
1- everyone looks less glam at that time in the morning: in fact I observe that you are safe from the ultra thin ultra tanned until 7.45am!
2- this is reassuring and invites you to try harder and try new things.
3- there is more space
4- surprisingly I have more energy than I thought I would.

So: I did my interval cross training, then my upper body work, then my 2000m row.. which I knocked 17 seconds off! Its not great (9:56:7) but its under 10 minutes and gives me something to work on..

Training session three tomorrow so we will see how we go!