Tuesday, December 08, 2009

This is getting dangerous!

I woke up at 6.05 this morning: and having done one of those weird deals with God I hauled me out of bed and got breakfast one! And then I went and put on my gym stuff (Which looks better each time I put it on!) And then I got in the car and at 6.40am I was in the gym!

I have a number of observations:
1- everyone looks less glam at that time in the morning: in fact I observe that you are safe from the ultra thin ultra tanned until 7.45am!
2- this is reassuring and invites you to try harder and try new things.
3- there is more space
4- surprisingly I have more energy than I thought I would.

So: I did my interval cross training, then my upper body work, then my 2000m row.. which I knocked 17 seconds off! Its not great (9:56:7) but its under 10 minutes and gives me something to work on..

Training session three tomorrow so we will see how we go!

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