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Lets Hear It For The Boy!

Saturday saw the marrying off of the legend that is Tim Hewitt (pictured here getting friendly with my wall!)

What a day! You just knew as Tim's dulcet tones boomed down the PA, to the most brilliant wedding entrance that it was going to be a great day! The only time I've ever heard whoops and cheers as the bride (Anna) walked the line!

Great Thai themed reception- only those two could assert that orange and pink go together and make it work! No really work!

Great friends.. some amazing tributes!

Bless you both loads.. we're all praying lots. We love you the Hewitts!!!!

(p.s.. would put up photos of said day.. but forgot to take any.. duh!.. if anyone wants to email me some!)

Just found this..

.. I've been spending a bit of time surfing the news sites to see what impact the Lebanon massacres are having. Stumbled upon this comment from an (the previous comment was I am not a Christian I will not forgive and forget)

"Neither am I. Not anymore. I untangled myself from this false mind control decades ago and spent 20 years researching Christianities origin. It is now being used by the Zionist to control billions of fools. Israel hates Christians in reality, knowing them to be stupid ignorant fools who will support anything in the name of their "God". Israel has become my enemy too, because I have seen what they have done to Palestine and what they do to anyone that opposes them, even here in America. Christianity is a very dangerous mind bending religion and the afflicted cannot think clearly and understand reality. I don't forgive either. Christians are very dangerous people who embrace blood, death, genocide and torture. They are…

Sounds From The Underground

I know I said I wouldn't but I just happened upon the monastic Wifi... and I feel I have to comment.

Tony Blair: enough.

I snuck to the car to listen to the 5pm news today. On it they said that 280 (mainly civilian) deaths had occurred on the Lebanese side, 28 (half civilian) on the Israeli side. That is not suitable retaliation. Nor are the 46 bridges out, the massive attack on infrastructure.

And our erstwhile PM, having been snubbed by GWB, is now toeing the line and giving the Israelis a few more days to bomb the crap out of Lebanon.

I can't imagine what the heck he thinks he is doing? Being George's friend? News Tony.. its his second term.. no point in being his friend.. specially as he can barely recall your name! Securing contracts for the reconstruction? Maybe, but wen we can't build a national stadium on time we're hardly likely to get to rebuild Lebanon!

This was a chance for TB to stand alongside a sensible EU call for a ceasefire. To offer troops fo…

Going Underground!

This afternoon I'm heading off for a few days at the lovely tranquil Turvey Abbey! Just me, a few monks, chickens, some good books and God. The phone will be off, no emails. I can't wait! Yay!

Catch you all when I get back.

Oops I did it again!

My electrical nightmare continues.. This time with one of these

Yep.. was trimming the hedge in the back garden when I managed to trim the live wire! Oh dear! Well done me..

I should join an Amish sect.. much safer! (and would get to wear very exciting black hat!)

A new Kind of driver...

I have, in my recent sojourns into mid Bedfordshire, discovered a new breed. I think I always knew they existed; but conclusive proof is now mine.

They are the people who think the national speed limit on a single carriageway road is 50 miles an hour.

They are wrong! Especially when one's carefully timed arrival at school is absed on the premise that these kind of people only drive on Sundays.

But hey more time to look at the lovely countryside!

Yay!.. hmm

Welcome to the Zone

Morning. Its 8.18am, I'm sat at my desk, wearing my smart trousers. I have make up on, have had breakfast and have my phones by my side. This is the zone! Let me explain, the zone is a semi mythical place, wholly occupied with agency workers. We get up and wait for someone to phone and say, "can you go to..."

.. But it seems (at least this week) that they only want to give you work when you can't do it.

There also comes this moment when you realise that you really don't want to go and do work anyway.. and then you think that they will phone in a Morisettesque moment of irony.

I'm now 20 minutes into the zone, and 20 minutes from its end. It means its time to start planning a day without work: for me I think the gym and then some DDO prep!

Funny Things..

Yesterday was a bit of a funny day. Good but funny. Not only did I discover that the lovely David Tennant is a proper proper West Wing fan (and Kate, more attractive in the flesh than when running away from cheap CGI), but I also found out that channel swimming David Walliams was coached by one of my old PE teachers at Sixth Form! Funny old world!

New Look!!

Rach and I (well actually Rach- who is a genius at all this stuff).. started playing with my blog, to help it look a little bit more like me! Hope you like it? We'll be tweaking bits and pieces on the side bars in the next few days- anything that you think I really should put down the side just let me know!