Thursday, July 20, 2006

Just found this..

.. I've been spending a bit of time surfing the news sites to see what impact the Lebanon massacres are having. Stumbled upon this comment from an (the previous comment was I am not a Christian I will not forgive and forget)

"Neither am I. Not anymore. I untangled myself from this false mind control decades ago and spent 20 years researching Christianities origin. It is now being used by the Zionist to control billions of fools. Israel hates Christians in reality, knowing them to be stupid ignorant fools who will support anything in the name of their "God". Israel has become my enemy too, because I have seen what they have done to Palestine and what they do to anyone that opposes them, even here in America. Christianity is a very dangerous mind bending religion and the afflicted cannot think clearly and understand reality. I don't forgive either. Christians are very dangerous people who embrace blood, death, genocide and torture. They are part of the real terrorists in the world."

A large part of me wants to dispute these claims, to say no we're not, but you have to admit that from a cultural point of view this guy is right.

How can we as followers of Christ own that some of us have acted and thought like terrorists for years- but at the same time offer another way. Maybe it (as so often) comes down to the nuns who are caring for hundreds and thousands of displaced people, maybe it comes down to the Christians who take reconciliation seriously who are right now talking in secret rooms. How do we reclaim the mission of God when it is viewed like this guys sees it?

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