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Hello From The Sea!

Holidays start here!

At 12.18 yesterday I left Bristol having completed my first year! At 4.18 I stepped out of the car in sunny Aldeburgh for three days holiday with my folks before heading to London for the rest of July!

This is the view from my hotel window.

Nice huh?

It also has nice food and nice wine! A great way to start holidays and a year of Sabbath. No doubt there will be more reflection on the year over the next few weeks.. but for now its time to relax!

Not quite so profound..

At some point I will make some erudite comments about being at the end of year one, about to embark on sabbath rest and other things.. but for now.. I would like to say...

Green is the new blue!

I just went and saw the Incredible Hulk. Hmmm.. It seems I could quite fall for a tortured hero. Or a big green monster in ripped trousers.

This may have tainted/ tinted my view of the film but I really loved it!

Diagnosis Belly!

Close followers of life of Jude will know that I have been chasing down the origins of some pretty bad abdominal pain in the last few months! Well I am pleased to announce that we now have a diagnosis..

I have a sore muscle. Its a big one (the psoas major), which is linked to your spine and leg.. Its the muscle thats supposed to lift your leg to do stairs and stuff. And its given up working. It comes from having one leg longer than the other and driving lots and all that... (pulls pelvis out of line and overworks muscle or something!) And can be fixed by doing core strength exercises.. Pilates here I come..

So I start spine rehab tomorrow.. should be fixed in no time!