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What I Say Yes to... more on AV

As promised here is what I would perhaps like to see as a real change of voting system. Its not new or untried but I think might work for us.

Its essentially a lower chamber that sees 50% of the seats allotted on the basis of the party list system. On your ballot paper you get the chance to vote for a national party. Its entirely proportional- you get 12% of the vote here you get 12% of the seats.

Generally in this set up you have to score over 5% to be included- which is the concession to keep out extreme extremists.

Add to this, the other 50% of the chamber is elected constituency representatives. The constituencies would need to be bigger (and perhaps more diverse, boundaries could be reworked to include both rural and urban in most settings). This allows for the independent local candidate to still be in the mix. It means we still have people to write to about local concerns. Its a place for those who aren't just professional politicians.

What I've outlined is the s…

Why I say "no"!

Someone suggested that I pen a few lines about why I am voting no to AV. I have been procrastinating about it because
a- its been Easter so I've had a few things on
b- most of my readers/ friends are lovely liberal types who will most likely be in favour
c- I had a fairly vibrant public disagreement with my diocesan bishop about it and am a little scarred!

But for what its worth:

I think at the core of my opposition is about what I believe about history. I believe that history twists and turns on the interplay of radical characters being themselves in a larger arena. God (or fate or whatever Richard Dawkins might call it) and specifics humans engage in a dance that takes world events down particular roads at particular times. This can be for immense bad, or immense good.

In antithesis my very particular take on history thinks that much harm has been done by mediocre characters in the interests of 'safety' and 'stability'. I read a tweet (I know not the source of al…

Easter Pangs

Each year I find that Easter hits me in a different way. There have been years where I have felt the wrecking devastation of Good Friday. There have been others where I have risen on Easter Sunday dawn with resurrection hope.

This year I navigated my way through Good Friday without too much grief (its a different deal when you are leading services all through). But today, this Holy Saturday, I am struck by the betrayal that pervades the Easter story.

Its been an interesting lead up to Easter for me. And so in many ways I guess its inevitable that the characters of Peter and Judas are taking centre stage in my Easter Reflection.

My head is a bit fuggy so this may not come out clearly.

BUT: I feel the betrayal. That sense that sometimes people who have sworn loyalty and help, let you down. That the very people you want with you in the darkest hours have all run away.

And that strangely in that the people who are around you at your lowest point are perhaps the ones that you have been…