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Blogging again.. starting with

Elitism, David Mitchell and other things..

I suspect that there might be a few people this morning reading the papers, or checking the news sites and making comment on the jailing if the guy who swam his way through the boat race this spring.

In my mind's eye I can hear people tutting that he has been jailed for his noble affront to the elitism of Oxbridge. We should applaud him they may tweet.

Allow me to rebuff.
First anyone who swims in the Thames is undeniably brave or daft.
Second anyone who swims near 16 axe shaped pieces of carbon fibre, adds to the daft evidence.
Third, and more importantly, the premise of the protest is wrong.

I don't believe that Oxbridge is essentially elitist in a class or social status way. David Mitchell agrees.. (Guardian Sat 20th Oct).

"Well, my feeling is you have to draw a distinction between people who are successful coming from Oxford and Cambridge and people who are successful coming from Eton and Harrow. Because with Oxford an…