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Though I walk through the wilderness..

*plot spoiler* this post is likely to ramble!

In the world that may be strange to many readers but is actually fairly indicative of my job context, I taught my little congregation the song 'Blessed Be Your Name' yesterday.

One of the joys of leading a small church is that you know where everyone is at- and so as we sang the words together there was a real resonance. People who have lost children, husbands, partners. People who daily struggle to keep going, as they stumble through wilderness wondering if they will ever feel alive again.

And in the midst, someone who cannot read- someone whose medication timetable just now means they missed my little bit of sharing on the Lord's prayer (they were snoozing by that point).. but someone who is joyful. Why?

Well her boyfriend died two years ago.. self immolated. As a homeless man he was given a pauper's funeral (they are not solely the stuff of Dickens) and was interred in a cemetry on the other side of Leeds. And my fri…

Heading for the study..

After what I can only describe as one of the more confusing weeks of my life- I am about to embark on a week of study. Many moons ago (so it seems) I signed up for a Masters in Theology and Pastoral Studies. I have done virtually no work on it and so this is my very typical way of trying to catch up.

The problem is that I'm not wholly sure I can remember quite how to study.

Like- where shall I begin? I have two 3000 words pieces to write, about methods stuff. I hate methods stuff.. its all the meticulous stuff which I don't particularly care about. So I guess I will spend the first bit of Monday trying to work out what the heck I am supposed to be doing!

But I am hoping that an immersed week of it should sort me out and at least give me an idea of whether I want to carry on or not.

I will keep you posted!

Synod- a distraction from running

As I type I have half an eye on the tweets coming through from Synod. I guess its a bit like civil servants listening to the budget; these conversations have job implications for me. Thats not me trying to suggest I should be a Bishop but the amendments and so on will affect which bits of the UK's inner cities will accept women priests.

I have also been interested in the media picking up on Jeffrey John allegedly not getting Bishop of Southwark. Thank you people in charge for putting that appointment on hold. Please media don't try an link his appointment to the debate over women Bishops.

There is a certain naivety about putting the two issues together. It was played out in Rev. this week (perhaps accurately) and really pains me. The issues are different- the foundational issues are different... please can we allow ourselves to sort out one thing at a time.

On Being a Priest

The last week or so has been a slightly different one. Four days of silent retreat- one evening where in a strange almost wedding like affair, I was centre of attention. The realisation that I have settled over a year and that there are some things beginning to happen.

And then presiding at my first communion; with another on Sunday, and one the Sunday after. Its a real privilege in many ways..

Anyway- for now a picture..