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Something Profound?

So, Rach commented that in this momentous political week I haven't had much to say. Not one to take a challenge lightly I have been pondering today about how to broach the arrival of a new prime minister.

I got the Sojourners email last night.. Jim Wallis probably put it much better than I can. In GB we have a Prime Minister who cares for the poor. I have thought for some time that he may be a bigger hero for Africa than domestically.

But, sooner than expected, he faces a domestic/ international challenge. Two car bombs. Both miraculously (and I don't use the word lightly) defused. Will GB resist the temptation to go down the line of more draconian laws? I hope so.

I like living in a country where we still have the freedom to buy the stuff to make those bombs. No terror laws that detain people can stop that stuff. I hope that GB remembers that. I hope he remembers what he has said before, that we have to look at the reasons why people want to blow us up.

I wish him lu…

The War on Democracy: or the meek shall inherit the earth

Went to see John Pilger's War on Democracy last night. In it (and we have to admit that it is a biased piece of news journalism) Pilger exposes, well reminds us about the US's involvement in the overthrow (or attempts thereof) of several democratic Governments in Latin America since WW2.

Cuba is the obvious one.

Add Guatemala.

And Chile.

And now attempts in Venezuela.

Venezuela has democratically elected Hugo Chavez to lead a reforming and socialist government. Its a leadership that seeks to change life for the millions of poor people living in the Barios. And the USA has supported attempts to overthrow him.

Why am I telling you this? Well in the first instance I am stuck. I don't know what to do.. I want to boycott the US. I want to have it shut down like a filthy kitchen. I want us to get out of its pocket and admit that we taught them how to lead bloody empire.

But I also tell because of what happened in Venezuela. When there was a coup attempt against Chavez (who I a…

Wanna go back to school?

This was in our staff news bulletin this morning. It outlines Government guidelines about food in schools, which will be enforced over the next few years. I am SO glad I'm not a kid anymore! And far be it from me to be cynical but wouldn't a more natural way of doing this be to stop middle class parents driving their kids to school and to put more PE into the primary curriculum!

· No confectionary (sweets, chocolate, chocolate biscuits etc) can be sold on school premises at any time.
· Cakes and other biscuits can only be sold at lunchtime as part of a meal i.e. no more cake sales!
· No snacks must be provided other than nuts, seeds, fruit or vegetable.
· No salt can be available to add to food after cooking.
· Deep fried food should not be provided more than twice per week.
· Starchy foods cooked in fat/oil should not be provided more than three times per week.
· Burgers, sausages and sausage products, individual meat pies a…

Luton Days

Its a long documented fact that I love the town of my birth. I think Luton rocks. So days like yesterday leave me reeling a bit.

A police officer was killed in the town centre (about 200 yards from where I am writing this). The town does feel sad, strangely muted.

Alas it also provokes slander like this (from the BBC website).

"I am 40-years-old and have lived in Luton all my life. Unfortunately, Luton is becoming increasingly lawless and ordinary respectable citizens are frightened to walk along the streets for fear of being challenged or attacked. Decent people are leaving the town in droves, and the gangs and criminals are moving in. Luton is now a very unpleasant, nasty place to live."What this guy says is simply not true. I live in the worst neighbourhood (alledgedly) and crime rates have dropped recently. Dissing Luton does not make it better, nor does it make people morally superior. It makes them part of the problem.Bizarrely on the same BBC news front page was a…

boo yaaa.. 100 years young

This is my gran (on the left) and my great Auntie Lilian! Auntie L was 100 yesterday: she has the card from the Queen and everything. Just couldn't resist the "down with the kids" pose!!!

Bless her lots..

Defragging Life...

Today is a weird day. This morning I was at a baby dedication, this afternoon I am at a 100th birthday 'do'. Tonight I'm at a town wide celebration.

In between this weekend I have begun the somewhat onerous task of sorting out the house. I have catalogued all my books: well all the ones in bookshelves. Its brought home to me how out of order all my stuff gets, as I've tidied shelves I've seen how everything just gets out of place. Loads of what needs doing is putting things back in some semblance of order.

I've also cleared one bureau, two drawers of stuff, one clothes drawer, and have started boxing up resources. Also labelled some stuff in the loft. I reckon I'm about 5% of the way there...

Its a little unsettling but needs doing. Next task, checking which CD's are loaded on itunes!

The View From the Other SIde

I made it. Yes, I looked like a potential jumper as I grabbed and grasped my way over. Yes, it took three attempts to make it back over. But it was OK!

Here's to life beyond the fear (and also to Pocahontas the musical and feeling attractive in Dartford, but those are stories for another day!)