Friday, June 29, 2007

Something Profound?

So, Rach commented that in this momentous political week I haven't had much to say. Not one to take a challenge lightly I have been pondering today about how to broach the arrival of a new prime minister.

I got the Sojourners email last night.. Jim Wallis probably put it much better than I can. In GB we have a Prime Minister who cares for the poor. I have thought for some time that he may be a bigger hero for Africa than domestically.

But, sooner than expected, he faces a domestic/ international challenge. Two car bombs. Both miraculously (and I don't use the word lightly) defused. Will GB resist the temptation to go down the line of more draconian laws? I hope so.

I like living in a country where we still have the freedom to buy the stuff to make those bombs. No terror laws that detain people can stop that stuff. I hope that GB remembers that. I hope he remembers what he has said before, that we have to look at the reasons why people want to blow us up.

I wish him luck.. if luck is the right word.


Michael said...

Do you think people are justified in wanting to blow us up??

jude said...

Ultimately if we buy into a retributive view of how the world works then yes. I don't think we can rampage as we have done for 300 years and expect no consequence to that. But, I also believe in a gracious and redemptive God.

rach said...

I'm gonna have to read that again now I've sussed that GB doesn't stand for Great Britain.

That is why you write the political blogs and I don't!