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Last Day

Well- here it is. Today is my last day at school. I have 25 minutes before my last 'ever' lesson. How weird is that?

How to reflect? Well I'm not sure that I know. Maybe things I'll miss; things I won't will work.

So: Things I will miss
Young people- I just love them, they have so much life and potential.
The staff- the friendliest and funniest.
Being so close to home- always helpful if you're a bit forgetful.
Watching young people grasp something for the first time.
Seeing some of the crazy stuff they do.

Things I won't miss
Bells- rrrrrrrinnggggggggg aaaarrrggghhh!
Lesson planning
Report writing/ data doing
Year ten RE (nothing personal folks)
That fear every time it snows that I'm going to die!
Young people failing to grasp something.

Lea Manor- its been fun, lets do it agin sometime!


We're seven hours in- looking good so far. There were tears after an hour, more after two but we're plodding on. Watch this space. The Doctor is pretty pleased- must dash- in for the next few hours again now.

6 to go...

Greetings from the madness that is year eight today. Not sure why, but they are all behaving a little crazy today!!

That said, I have only six lessons left (well five after this one). Wow! Its come around really quickly but I am SO ready to leave! I just said goodbye to my year nine group- was a tad emotional after as they are really good- I've taught them for two years now and will miss them.

And its WEST WING DAY!!!!!!

An important announcement

I won't be able to talk to people for a couple of days following the 25th of this month. I need to disappear for a little procedure. Nothing serious- just means I can't be disturbed.. so please don't call, or phone or email..
Will get more details out when I know a bit more.

The grass is always "greener"

I just got home (from lunch aves mes parents) to find that I have a flourescent front lawn. It may not show in the piccie but its really bright, and a bit garish...

I wonder if they sell that spray on, nice grass colour anywhere...

Anyone wanna play?

By this time next week its quite likely that the main work on the boiler room will be finished. Its very beautiful at the moment, but is also very white. We are going to have a couple of weekends where people can come and help artistically refine the place... we'll have some materials there, and we'll make lots of tea nad toast... we just need people. And I know that loads of you are artistic in a way I can only dream of.. so wanna come play- 7th/8th May, and 21/22 May?

Bless you lots.

Endings and beginnings

I'm in school just now, covering a year eleven group. They, like me, only have a few weeks left in school- and its all a little strange.
I'm aware that more and more I'm taking up my 'Abbess' role: last night I had a meeting and prayer time with business people. I'm finding my feet a bit more in that environment and a getting used to talking on that level.
Ten hours later I'm in school again. I love it- but it is time to move on. I'll miss the interaction with young people who have taught me so so much, but I'm glad to be going too.
I think the year elevens sitting in front of me agree!

Would it be weird?

If God was a woman?

Now I know that in that very statement I have opened a huge can of worms but it just occurred to me yesterday that there are some things about that that would be weird.

There are just some things that would be really different. Take the other day: I was mulling something over that could only really be talked through with a girl- it needed to be picked apart and overanalysed. Unfortunately, all suitable girl friends were unavailable (meetings, on tube, in church that kind of thing). God, however was in none of those places (ooohh controversial!), but I just couldn't have that conversation with Him..

But if God was a woman could I then have had that conversation: or would it be like talking to your over zealous great aunt (you know the one, with lippy on her teeth, a blue rinse and a loud cackle!)...

How do blokes find talking to God? Does Catholic prayer to saints help in the whole dilemma?

There are many other ponderings from the last couple of weeks- many o…

so much to say...

I've been away for over two weeks now, but am back and have loads to say: but not just yet! Over the next few days I will throw out some edited highlights...