Friday, April 29, 2005

Last Day

Well- here it is. Today is my last day at school. I have 25 minutes before my last 'ever' lesson. How weird is that?

How to reflect? Well I'm not sure that I know. Maybe things I'll miss; things I won't will work.

So: Things I will miss
Young people- I just love them, they have so much life and potential.
The staff- the friendliest and funniest.
Being so close to home- always helpful if you're a bit forgetful.
Watching young people grasp something for the first time.
Seeing some of the crazy stuff they do.

Things I won't miss
Bells- rrrrrrrinnggggggggg aaaarrrggghhh!
Lesson planning
Report writing/ data doing
Year ten RE (nothing personal folks)
That fear every time it snows that I'm going to die!
Young people failing to grasp something.

Lea Manor- its been fun, lets do it agin sometime!

1 comment:

Steveybabe said...

Hey Jude!
Wow, just stumbled across your blog, as you do in this internet crazed world, and its BEEN AGES since I've said hi!

I hope the last lesson wasn't too difficult and that the future holds much promise.

We must do that coffee thing sometime...