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How do I procrastinate.. let me count the ways...

Below is a little bit of accountability about all the things I am NOT going to do tomorrow instead of getting my essay written!
1- Sort out the mug trolley and make sure there are lots of nice mugs in the kitchen
2- Hoover my room
3- Order clerical wear
4- Hunt around on amazon for.. well anything
5- facebook
6- blog
7- iron clothes (I never normally do so why start now)
8- go shopping
9- tidy noticeboards
10- tax return
11- the G2 crossword

Will let you know- only after finishing essay though!

Liberation Theology stole my life!

Its been a while.
I have been trying to work.
And today I finally managed it.
I spent eight hours (thus far) wrestling with the theology of liberation. I have read stuff that was surely more comprehensible in the original Spanish- some stuff that thinks all liberation theology is Marxism, and some stuff that is quite good.

And now I have to write the essay- 3,500 words. By this time tomorrow if possible. Which is possible. But I have a shonky finger which might scupper that slightly.

And then I head North. Watch this space!

A little rant about David Cameron..

It didn't take long!

David Cameron has sat himself down in front of City folk and has launched an attack on the government's handling of the economy.

Does he not realise that this isn't a localised deal? Has he not been listening to the whispers of the last five or six years that have said very clearly that a crash is coming and that it will be a big one.

Further- the selling off of the nation's assets under Thatcher has to play some role.

I'm miffed- because this is cheap. Its a stunt. Its not the moment.


I think you either love them or hate them.

I do both it seems. I love the experience of being on one.. so I can blog about it (and lets face it it more fun than being stood on the ground holding the coats). But I don't actually like the experience of being on one.

Like that long wind up that gives you a good view which is OK, but is slightly ruined by the thought that you are about to be hurled sideways at great speed. You kind of know its safe but it doesn't help when you are left teetering on the brink of a massive drop and you can't do anything about it!

Then there's the end bit when it starts to calm down and you think that you might possibly enjoy it and then you get ready to get off- and then it goes round again!

I guess its about lack of control- or not wanting to be sick in an undignified manner. Or just that coat holding is an honourable task in and of itself...

ahhh.. if only this post were really about Alton Towers!


Am going to try to get some video footage up here, but suffice to say that I love the Gower. Its beautiful. It was proper mental weather but was fun all at the same time!

Photos may well appear on facebook at some point soon!