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A (Very) Few Good Men

The main bit of this post centres around a very lovely evening out on Thursday!
I'd missed Luce's birthday (was in Germany as opposed to just being rubbish!) so we did a belated surprise.. met on teh Jubiliee Line and then trucked down to Covent Garden. After a momentary distraction by all the shoe shops we went to Belgo for food.. joined at this point by Andy and his many stories of Ibiza!
Then off to the Theatre Royal for a bit of Rob and Aaron... you need to know at this point that we are all HUGE west Wing fans (apart from Luce strangely.. hmmm), so Kate, Sarah, Rob and Emma joined up for a little look at the stageplay of Sorkin's military story.

Was OK.. some rubbish casting (no chemistry with Rob and the slightly gauky girl).. some utterly superflous marching, climbing and hoisting going on (all in uniform!).. but its a good story and was enjoyed pretty much all round.

Anyway: to cut to the chase this story is mainly about the (very) Few Good Men I met on Wednesday…

Tarot for beginners

In my quest for chicken (protein craving what can I say!).. I stumbled across a brochure for local adult education courses and found out that our illustrious Government seems to think its OK to fund a course in Tarot card reading! A bit of me is highly amused at the thought of tarot for beginners (comes with a warning not to act on anything in case they just can't shuffle) and Intermediate Tarot (will predict illness but not death!!)

However I'm also a bit miffed that its OK to have courses in the occult funded by local government (and therefore central government). I suspect that if I were to go to them witha proposal to teach beginners prayer, they would tell me that I can't do that because of it being "religious"....


Amazing few days

Once again I'm sitting on an airport chair in Berlin Schonefeld.. Michael.. I didn't get to see Berlin.. but did hang out in Dresden (really loved it..very nice!)..

Its been an amazing and pretty exhausting six days... Hernnhut was pretty and peaceful and a little surreal. Dresden had more challenges but again was wonderful. Will update you all more soon..

Ich bin ein Berliner

Hello... I bring greetings from Berlin Schonefeld airport! Yay! We're at the start of a few days away with 24-7 to look at where we are at as a movement, where we might be going and what not.. all good fun.

Wacth this space if I get near more decent free internet.. ooh and pray for us...


I know what I can do....

... I can tell you all about the cricket!!!!

I saw SO little of the last test it was actually quite rude.. I did listen to a bit more during my MONSTER road trip yesterday... but now that we have won I have a Freddy shaped hole in my life! What will subliminally stress me out for four or five days at a time.. what excuse will I have for listening to Radio Five Live.... what will entice me to get up on a Sunday morning? As I type I can think of but one answer...

But you lovely people will have to guess!!!!

What to do?

Errr... I think I'm busy. I wrote my week earlier (email that explains what I've been up to in the last week or so... ) and it looks like I;m busy. But I'm sitting here in the office, twiddling my thumbs. I can't work out if there is anything else that I need to do... there must be... maybe I should make a list... hmmm..

Is it just me who gets that? Sometimes I think I'm losing it! Maybe I am.. hmmm..

New Orleans

Think I will leave my thoughts to be expressed by a German newspaper:
"Die Tageszeitung"

The fast and safe evacuation was white, leaving behind poor black people, as if time had stood still between the racial unrest of the sixties and today.