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Gordon Brown: Lament leader?

We had this conversation in a lecture this morning. About how Gordon Brown led lament in the House of Commons yesterday. I was very impressed with the whole thing. So maybe an observation from how you can do lament in church.

Normal proceedings stopped.

The leader led: and led out of his own experience. He was empathetic in an understated way.

Others had the chance to respond and bear witness/ give testimony.

It was related to the wider world.

Nothing more profound than that.. just some thoughts

Finishing Things...

Did I blog about this already? Well anyway.. I am bad at finishing things.. so my current challenge is to finish books that I have started. So far: On Chesil Beach, He Loves Me, Becoming the Answer To Our Own Prayers. Will keep you posted.

Community and Snow..

Living in community has its tricky moments. It can be a real challenge to be surrounded by people all the time. But strangely- snow seems to help.

Faculty pounding innocent students as they leave their morning devotions (err chapel). Very cute!

Two of us heading outside to start chucking snow and 12 boys come join us!!!

Snowmen appearing everywhere..

Lecturers starting classes late to allow for fighting..

BIG balls of snow emerging!

Happy days