Monday, June 18, 2007

Wanna go back to school?

This was in our staff news bulletin this morning. It outlines Government guidelines about food in schools, which will be enforced over the next few years. I am SO glad I'm not a kid anymore! And far be it from me to be cynical but wouldn't a more natural way of doing this be to stop middle class parents driving their kids to school and to put more PE into the primary curriculum!

· No confectionary (sweets, chocolate, chocolate biscuits etc) can be sold on school premises at any time.
· Cakes and other biscuits can only be sold at lunchtime as part of a meal i.e. no more cake sales!
· No snacks must be provided other than nuts, seeds, fruit or vegetable.
· No salt can be available to add to food after cooking.
· Deep fried food should not be provided more than twice per week.
· Starchy foods cooked in fat/oil should not be provided more than three times per week.
· Burgers, sausages and sausage products, individual meat pies and shaped meat products are only to be provided once per fortnight for each product.
· The only drinks that can be sold are water, milk (not full fat), fruit juice and yoghurt drinks.


Michael said...

Sounds good to me. It's not just about obesity, lots of disease is linked to diet.

Neil O'Hara said...

When I was at school some kid got suspended cos he was caught with 'brown' on his person. I'm trying to think of a joke involving 'brown' and E's. "He got caught with brown and E's?" "No, no, Brownies..."

I'll work on it....

Michael said...

Let us know when you've got it.

Alina said...

that's funny

i think the guidelines sound great. haven't they (science people?) shown that things like behaviour and attention span are affected by diet?

sara wags said...

call me american, but that's just sad. what about birthday parties?! will they have rice cakes instead of cupcakes!?! no burgers? no pizza? no fishsticks?! what are the poor kids going to eat...tofu?! sorry, done ranting now.

Alex B said...

I think it's good that kids should be able to eat more healthily at school, but it will only make a difference if the same happens at home. There is no way we can educate all the parents in this country to feed their kids right (not sure that's grammatically correct but hey)so is there any point even changing their school food?
School was the only place I used to get junk food! Why spoil it?

Michael said...

Exactly, but school may be the only place some kids get to eat healthily. And surely that is part of educating them.