Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Luton Days

Its a long documented fact that I love the town of my birth. I think Luton rocks. So days like yesterday leave me reeling a bit.

A police officer was killed in the town centre (about 200 yards from where I am writing this). The town does feel sad, strangely muted.

Alas it also provokes slander like this (from the BBC website).

"I am 40-years-old and have lived in Luton all my life.

Unfortunately, Luton is becoming increasingly lawless and ordinary respectable citizens are frightened to walk along the streets for fear of being challenged or attacked.

Decent people are leaving the town in droves, and the gangs and criminals are moving in.

Luton is now a very unpleasant, nasty place to live."

What this guy says is simply not true. I live in the worst neighbourhood (alledgedly) and crime rates have dropped recently. Dissing Luton does not make it better, nor does it make people morally superior. It makes them part of the problem.

Bizarrely on the same BBC news front page was a sport headline about magical Monty Panesar. A Luton boy!

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