Thursday, July 06, 2006

Welcome to the Zone

Morning. Its 8.18am, I'm sat at my desk, wearing my smart trousers. I have make up on, have had breakfast and have my phones by my side. This is the zone! Let me explain, the zone is a semi mythical place, wholly occupied with agency workers. We get up and wait for someone to phone and say, "can you go to..."

.. But it seems (at least this week) that they only want to give you work when you can't do it.

There also comes this moment when you realise that you really don't want to go and do work anyway.. and then you think that they will phone in a Morisettesque moment of irony.

I'm now 20 minutes into the zone, and 20 minutes from its end. It means its time to start planning a day without work: for me I think the gym and then some DDO prep!

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